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I'm 20, & have no clue what I'm doing with my life…

Is anyone else feeling the same too? I went to college for two years, dropped out, met my current...


Do you think drugs should be legal?

Hey all you wonderful people. I’ve dabbled with this and that for a while now, but have always...


What's your favorite book?

Let’s talk about books for a wile :) and share with people what’ s worth reading ) 


How much do we really know about the world?

Have you ever watched a documentary or know anything about 1 or more of the following topics:...


What's your song?

What is that one song you always find yourself listening to at 1AM when you can’t stop...


Have you read the quran?

Anyone read it? What is your take on it? Is it worth a read? Any other suggestions on it?


Thought Control

You are a problem. A problem needs to be handled. A problem ignored will not go away or get better...


[Tricks] How to step out of the comfort zone?

My brother and I are software engineers, but it didn’t help us a lot in real life =) Once we...


What are your thoughts on competition?

Thoughts on competition? A recurring theme in my writing over the years has been that the...


Where are you from?

Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone cool that lives right near you. I’m from Southern...


Meeting your soulmate at the wrong time?

Help! Is anyone else in the same boat right now? I met my soulmate at 19, and I am now 20 &...


You: In one sentence.

If you had to summarize yourself in one sentence, what would you say? To be clear; I don’t...


Emotional Vulnerability

Hey guys.   Just wondering who here has a tough time being emotionally vulnerable?  For...


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Hello everyone. My name is Dylan. I have been a member of Highexistence since 2012, and have been a...