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What is your philosophy of life in 3 sentences?

Here’s mine: – Do what makes you happy and nothing else – Strive to make others happy...


Other Spiritual/Open Minded Websites or Forums?

I recently came back to this website after like a 3 year hiatus. It seems like it isn’t nearly...


What is the greatest impact HighExistence has had on your life?

In his farewell note, Jordan Lejuwaan (HE creator) said the following of how HighExistence has...


Fast and Furious 8 streaming film completo italiano 2017 hd

Fast and Furious 8 streaming film completo italiano 2017 hd Ora che Dom e Letty sono in luna di...


What is the most valuable thing in life?

An age old question, I know. But really, what is the most important thing in life? Some people say...


[Official] The Damn Good Music List

One of the most beautiful songs I have heard lately is a remix of the theme song from Inception....


political stance?

what would you consider your political stance to be and why?


your friend is a prostitute, what would you say to her about it? I am prostitute

I didn’t start it because of money. I was bored of my life and wanted something new and...


شركات نقل اثاث فى الاردن

Furniture Tips You Should Be Aware Of Purchasing furniture for you home is a big investment. You are...


why everytime i think about sth positive it happens opposite (negative)

I am a girl that like to read psychology books and i always study different books of Famous...


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5f-adb for sale fub-amb crystals mmb-chminaca jwh-018 adb-fub supplier...


The Concept of God/Slowing Down the Mind

    If you must ask wether or not God exists, then you are missing the point...


An 'Ultraverse' that our universe orbits.

Hey there. I believe our universe, as part of a multiverse of universes, is orbiting an...


Share your soundcloud (Or any original music) here

One of my friends just turned me on to soundcloud the other day and I think it is a cool way for...


شركة نقل اثاث فى الاردن

Get The Best Furniture Deals By Following These Tips Where do you relax after work? What helps you...