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Is your kundalini rising?

or are you just happy to see me?


PDF version of Stuart Wilde's Infinite Self

Does anyone have the pdf version (or a torrent with the pdf version NOT the audibook) of Stuart...


why everytime i think about sth positive it happens opposite (negative)

I am a girl that like to read psychology books and i always study different books of Famous...


Why I want to be stupid.

Hello guys, As the title suggests, I wish to be stupid. This is why: First, what does intelligence...


Everything Happens for a Reason?

Everything happens for a reason? Do you believe in it? I used to be an advocate of the...


Can we experience death in a dream?

Just saw this quote on the web: “You wake up when you die in a dream because you don’t...



“Music is your only friend.” A quote from The Doors. Kinda starting to believe this.


Friends to lovers?

I’ll try and get my point across as clearly as possible cause I don’t know what I should...


Do you think you are who you hang out with?

Idk im kind of confused with life. Like, i want to be a musician and I have a lot of other goals in...


LSD and Magic Mushrooms can Produce Mystical Experience ?

and long term positive changes in behaviour….u know research at john hopkins universty, where...


49 lessons for a better 2014 !

Today is the first day of a new great year. Today is a new start, a new beginning, a new chapter in...


More Films Like Qatsi trilogy, Baraka, Samsara, Life In A Day?

Was hoping any one would know of more films such as Qatsi trilogy, Baraka, Samsara, Life In A Day....


I want to leave my home ,my Parents torture me Emotionally..Help ?

i am 22 years old, Graduate from New Delhi….and right now i have 73,555 ruppes in my bank...


Anyone ever experience your eyes seeing everything much smaller than usual?

Its been happening to me eversince i was really small. It doesnt happen very often but it usually...


Make your email work with you!

Challenge: 1: Open your email account(s) and delete everything. 2: When a new email comes in, do the...