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Is it possible to be both (wo)man and child?

How does one go about balancing the idea of responsibility and keeping a child like outlook?...


I am interested to hear anyone’s opinion on Greenpeace.

I was walking around school a couple of weeks ago, and one of these guys came up to talk to me. He...


The Crisis of Civilization (film)

I just watched this interesting video: http://www.truththeory.org/the-crisis-of-civilization/ (just...


The British Supreme Court.

What are your thoughts on it? Pros? Cons? Comparisons to the US’s supreme court? Anything?


venus and jupiter and the moon like a cup

hey the moon here is like a cup, smiling open and right above it is venus and right above that is...


Civic Duty

What are people’s thoughts on what you owe it to the state to do. I’m going to reserve...


Legal prostitution?

The appeals court here in Canada just struck down the 3 main laws that were keeping prostitution...



how does everyone feel about swimming!!!! i love swimming! probably more comfortable and able in...


Moving up.

So I have an awesome job. It’s fun, it’s low key, I pretty much do what I want, and work...


Can anyone hook up with a stranger via the net

Guyz is there any of you who thinks that hooking up with a stranger on face book can result into a...


Kony 2012: A Mission For HE

Thank the internet for HE. To show us that we want to make threads about something no one’s...


Government control

Now that I am the age where I can state my opinion in the political world, I have been looking into...


Need help finding problems and solutions about pigs as a food resource.

Well hello from me. I need to find a problem about pigs as a food resource for my school. And then I...



Why arent you people takin action? Please give me (n you) a HONEST answer. No not that stuff like...


Flaws in human nature that might have benefits

Everyone wants peace, right? But the one thing that stops humans from being peaceful is that,...