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questions no one knows the answers to

its just a video. first of the new TED-Ed series: lessons worth sharing. cool video though...


How long before you had sex?

What was the shortest amount of time that you had known someone before having sex with them? What...



Dunno why I put my full name before, but I hate people addressing me with it. So formal, makes me...


Hello from Britain / Hong Kong / Vancouver, BC.!

Hello everyone! I hope your days been wonderful, whatever time of it it may be My friends call me...


Man just read mine and my friends like a book– mind blown!

Okay, so I was at my friend’s house with 4 other friends. Jessica’s mother had a friend...


Changing DNA

This computer at the library won’t let me copy the link, but apparently scientists have now...


High School Scores

Hey everyone, I just wanted to know what your High School scores were, what I mean is wherever you...


Highexistence is blocked as italian porn, LOL!

I was bored in class today and tried to get on here, but it was blocked under Pornography (Italian)....


How Gardening Could Change the World

Hey Forum, So I spend a lot of time pondering about the "system" and the world we live in...


Art help?

One day on a whim I wrote a few coffee shops in town e-mails asking if I can put some of my...


An experiment in going within

Hey, I sorta just stumbled upon this place yesterday and it seems like a really nice community, so...


New Obama Campaign Advertisement

This video is pretty moving. Like to know what you all think.


Dad + Suicide = ?

Well, I have really kept this to my self but I really want to kind of pour it out to you all. my dad...


Almost University Time!

Good day fellow HEthens.. It’s almost time for me to start applying to colleges, but truth is,...


Fractal Geometry/Cities

So I’m currently on the London Underground (for the first time in a while) and it hit me how...