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Drugs to try at least once

I’m not talking about crystal meth or crack tho! I’m trying to have fun not ruin my life...


The psychological side of missing someone?

Hey Everyone. I was wondering about human relationships and their purposes and this 2 questions came...


People In Dreams You Have Never Met

hey guys, im just wondering what all you have to say on this. Have you ever had a dream, where you...


Spend Your Perfect Weekend with Ahmedabad Sunday Brunch

While for most parts in Ahmedabad Sunday brunch is a brand-new concept yet many restaurants in...


is religion REAL?

there can’t be one TRUE religion, right?


Song Suggestions

I really dig the imagery in Dan Deacon’s “When I Was Done Dying”. Looking for more...


What are the best songs to listen to when high ?

What are the best songs one can listen when he/she is high on marijuana ?…songs that can have...


All real human change comes hand in hand with revolution.

Hi everyone, In the first place, I want to apologise for all the language mistakes I am about...


How to love as a Millennial in the modern, technological world?

I am 24 years old and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many of my friends...


Personal reflections on 5-MeO-DMT

<div class=”usertext-body may-blank-within md-container “><div...


HighExistence — You need to get Higher, or become BuzzFeed

HighExistence content has grown down as HighExistence as grown up. I’ve noticed a steady...


Other life outside of earth

When we think of aliens, we as humans always depict them as humanistic. I’ve always known...


What are your favorite books? – style, dialogue, literary prowess etc.

EVEN BETTER IF YOU CHOSE YOUR ABSOLUTE #1 FAV I hope this isn’t a dup but i didn’t have...


An 'Ultraverse' that our universe orbits.

Hey there. I believe our universe, as part of a multiverse of universes, is orbiting an...


New sounds for your eardrums!

I am a 23 year old musician from the Lone Star State (Texas). And I just wanted to bless this...