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Question of Day: Would you want to be smarter than 99.9% of people?

Today’s Question of the Day!Would you like to be truly brilliant – more intelligent than...


Is College Worth it?

Hi peeps I’m in my second year of college. I went to a religious college for one year, hated...


Does anyone else sometimes get weirded out and find life really surreal?

It’s like my over-reactive mind just can’t handle it. I’m predicting outcomes,...


Creating A Gift for Yoga Students

I’m a yoga teacher starting a business teaching classes online. I’m looking for a...


How can I stop watching porn/hentai/hentai manga/naked women pics.

I masterbet alot, that my penis seems burned from rubbing too much when I see beautiful women I...


HEthens who are bored of social media but waste time on it anyways?

Facebook, twitter are fun maybe in the first couple of months on it. You get bored by it soon. I...


Additive Free Enlightenment

Seriously…I love this site, and the community…But I wish there were more people here who...


Enlightenment Experience

Hello everyone, I’ve joined HE to share my experience with the hopes that any of you can shed...


Academic Institutions/Multipotentialite

I’m a junior in college and all my life I’ve had many passions or at least interests and...


Don't believe everything you think

“The voice in you head that says you can’t do this is a liar”


Living in a developing country

Hey all, I’m going to be moving to a developing country for a while, most likely living...


dream like anxiety a week after MDMA use

So, I went to a show last Saturday and ended up taking way too much molly. The stuff that I got was...


The Demand Of It Graduates Is Increasing Every Passing Year

Reasons for studying engineering are so many, but money and prestige are the top ones. Do you know...


I can't find myself in this world

Hello, I have been lost in life for about 3 years now. I studied International Business, but the...


Marijuana and Amnesia?

Hello  So I had my first experience with this at the beginning of the year. I don’t smoke...