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A Lifetime of MDMA

Sorry if the title is a bit misleading. But I’ve been doing molly and ecstasy for about 6...


Is Suicide Logical?

I took this discussion from reddit. Please let me know your thoughts below! The question, “is...


A sense of urgency to achieve your fullest potential

So I was wondering if any of you share this similar feeling with me; that as you begin to find...


Sleep Paralysis

Morning, Afternoon, Evening all. So I just wanted to share the most unearthly and terrifying...


The Secret Teachings of All Ages

I’m not sure if it will work, but I will try to give the link to a free download of this book...



I made it out of hell, but I got burned.


Born in the wrong time period?

I guess i’m not the only one who often thinks they were born in the wrong time period....


Weed/Drugs bad affect on spiritual side

Hi High Existence peeps, So this summer I’ve smoked weed everyday done MD a couple of times...


Stoner Fitness?

I was hoping to pick the brains of some of you who enjoy flying high but being healthy as much as I...


Why do you smoke weed?

My sister just had an experience with weed. She didnt do it, but her friend did. She came to me and...


Dream within a dream (within a dream)

I had a dream last night where I was falling asleep into another dream. Same surroundings as the...


Who here uses marijuana daily? I want insight.

Hi there! I have been using my magic flight vape for the past three weeks almost habitually. Ive...


Inexplicable occurrences.

Have you experienced something that makes you go “wtf?” every time you remember it?...


First time DMT – what to expect and a little advice

DISCLAIMER: I am not recommending anyone take illegal substances, but many people who are interested...


Personality Test – What Personality Type Are You?

http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test A free test based on the Myers-Briggs....