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Everything with mass effects gravity

Makes you wanna look up at the moon and yell, “Don’t worry moon, we got you”


Go Uruguay

Finally a smart country with a smart President. Weed is now officially legal in Uruguay :D


Cosmic Jokes

I am very aware of what they are, and have experienced laughing at many now-forgotten...


Favorite online flash game?

My favorite is http://mikengreg.com/solipskier/ its addictive as heck. What is your favorite flash...


An internal battle of loving myself.

I apologize if someone has posted a similar situation but I think this is a little unique (I may be...


fear of rape and prostitution coloring my view

I recently found myself diving inside my unconscious, and i realized i fear intimacy in such a way...


Meditating Positions

I am a complete novice when it comes to meditation, and was wondering how you all position...


What is the greatest impact HighExistence has had on your life?

In his farewell note, Jordan Lejuwaan (HE creator) said the following of how HighExistence has...


Eyes as the Window to the Soul

A lot can give away who a person is. Some people choose to see physical appearance, but I think that...


Android app idea to spread good vibes

Basically, I want to write a simple Android app that somehow betters people’s lives. The idea...


stock tips

Does anybody ever win with that stock market stuff..It’s like gambling. the house always wins...


Need help from a 40 year old and a 60 year old.

I have this homework assignment, i have to ask these 4 questions to a 40 year old and 60 year old,...


Happiness and Serotonin Usage

I’d appreciate anyone well informed on serotonin and the like’s functions within the...


Nothing is Better

There is no such thing as “better” Nothing can be better than anything else....