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What is something that makes you happy to be alive in 2016?

I’ll start. I’m happy to be alive because I get to experience this album, as well as...


Traveling experience: where have you been?

Hi everyone :) let’s share our travel experience and feelings in it )


The life of a lonely soul.

As my life has passed me by, friends have come and gone. Some have left my life of their own will,...


Recent Enligtenment Questions

Hello all, I’m almost certain that I have went through an awakening process; intense vibration...


Would any of you lovely individuals be willing to share something with me?

I don’t mind what you share. It could be your favorite song or movie or quote, life advice...


What's your favorite book?

Let’s talk about books for a wile :) and share with people what’ s worth reading ) 


Choose 1 Male & 1 Female to represent the human species to aliens. Give reasons.

Which defining talents or traits do you feel would be the most important to represent the human...


What are some of the most fascinating Wikipedia pages you know of?

Include any pages you find interesting, awesome, hilarious, and/or worth reading for any other...


Should I quit my job?

Just a little background before I go into it.. I’m 20 years old and I’ve worked the last...


If you have a chance to become any fantastic or real creature who will you be?

Let’s dream a bit )  if I have this opportunity I’ll be a fantastic griffon who can...


in need of some love

because who isn’t in need of some love. I love you guys and HE Wish me well on my journey....


Maintaining emotional health as an introvert working full time

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the emotional and social energy that’s required of...


What are your favourite documentaries?

Thought-provoking, beautiful or maybe just downright crazy!


We are the universe!!!

Can’t you see guys? you are the universe, i am the universe, we are the universe, it’s...