Spiritual Awakening

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  • NikkiB. (18) May 5, 2013

    I’ve been experiencing quite a lot of this lately. It’s getting close to my graduation from highschool, a month exactly. A few months back I told myself I need to let go of the material things we obsess over for image in highschool, it’s over. Ever since I have been disconnecting myself with this, I’ve been connecting more with myself. I guess it’s a part of growing up.

  • Karen Cantu (0) December 4, 2013

    Everything was ok until I reached #7. :(

  • Meg (0) May 23, 2015

    I think the hardest part is number nine for me, I am constantly observing and watching what other people are going to do. Its exhausting.

  • Phraphrot (30) April 16, 2013

    working on 5,7,9,10,11. The last three are very difficult tho!

  • Marie (2,050) February 6, 2013

    I’m working on 9, 11 and 12 at the moment. :)