Spiritual Awakening

  • NikkiB. (18) May 5, 2013

    I’ve been experiencing quite a lot of this lately. It’s getting close to my graduation from highschool, a month exactly. A few months back I told myself I need to let go of the material things we obsess over for image in highschool, it’s over. Ever since I have been disconnecting myself with this, I’ve been connecting more with myself. I guess it’s a part of growing up.

    • zetrov (0) August 18, 2013

      congratulations. :)

  • Karen Cantu (0) December 4, 2013

    Everything was ok until I reached #7. :(

  • Meg (0) May 23, 2015

    I think the hardest part is number nine for me, I am constantly observing and watching what other people are going to do. Its exhausting.

  • Phraphrot (30) April 16, 2013

    working on 5,7,9,10,11. The last three are very difficult tho!

  • Marie (2,046) February 6, 2013

    I’m working on 9, 11 and 12 at the moment. :)

  • Savannah (0) August 8, 2012

    I have yet to have mine.

    • Zach Warren (1) November 15, 2012

      And don’t expect it to come soon. Don’t anticipate it. In fact, don’t anticipate anything. Don’t live waiting for it to happen. Its not something you can think about long enough and finally get. Enlightenment is not something that will suddenly come to you. Your enlightened consciousness is already there, obstructed from view by your resistance to what is. Just resist nothing. Either accept your current situation or change it. Whatever you are doing, be fully aware of it. Enjoy it. Love it. Either that, or do something else. No excuses.

      Id highly suggest reading “The Power of Now: a Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” Reading it forever changed my life.

      • zetrov (0) August 18, 2013

        wow. that is so well said. thank you.

  • .kitty. (10) September 19, 2012

    i have been their many times it is the best feeling and most wont experinece it which kills me imnside

    • who (0) July 10, 2013

      I know what you mean. Overwhelming bliss that you want to share with the world.

  • raminder singh (0) October 5, 2012


  • Erwin Rooijakkers (22) May 16, 2012

    Thanks for sharing the LOVE.