In the letter, referred is to a new report by Intraval's 12th report on the state of the coffeeshops, which discusses the results of the twelfth measurement of the monitor of the number of tolerated point of sales of soft drugs (coffeeshops) in The Netherlands and the municipal coffeeshop policy.

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Commissioned by the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, bureau INTRAVAL accurately follows the developments concerning coffeeshops since 1999, using this monitor. For this measurement, a questionnaire has been carried out among the responsible civil servants in the period of March 2015 to April 2015. As in previous measurements, the response is 100%. The monitor has four topics: number of coffeeshops; municipal policy; enforcement policy; and sanctions policy.

Only recently Eindhoven, an important city in the south with an airport, decided to go forward with a 6 month experiment during which tourists are allowed to enter the coffeeshops again. ...[Continue reading on The Stoned Society]