Can your brain communicate with someone else's without you speaking, gesturing, or using any other part of your body to communicate with them? Though it may seem like the stuff of science fiction movies, a new study coming out of the University of Washington has succeeded in using direct brain-to-brain interfacing (BBI) to exchange information between two people's brains.

The experiment is thought to be the first of its kind, showing that two human brains can be directly linked and allow one person to guess what is on the other's mind.

The technology combines neuroimaging and neurostimulation to allow the brains to communicate directly through neural coding. With BBI, the content of a "sender" brain is extracted from its neural signals, digitized, and then re-encoded in a "receiver" brain as induced neural activity. Through this method, pairs of participants were able to play a question-answer game by transmitting signals from their brains over the Internet. ...[Continue reading on Medical Daily]