Sometimes there is too much noise and activity going on in our brain, which is why meditation is a great way to calm and focus the mind. A practice that has spanned thousands of years, it can take a fairly long time to reach a level of mastery that was achieved by the Sages and Gurus. It is an ongoing practice that puts the spirit in control of the mind and allows the mind to take a backseat to spirit. Although strictly my opinion, this view however shared by many, I feel that deep down inside all of us is an infinite fundamental consciousness that has always been around before and after our physical form. It has no identity, it has no Ego, it is a pulsating vibration and conscious energy that is infinatly boundless inward and infinatly boundless outward. It is truly incomprehensable and unimaginably complex. This is the core self that is within all of us. This is ideally what we aspire to tap into when we meditate.

Cannabis has been used in spirituality for thousands of years. It has even been mentioned in the Vedas and associated with Shiva as one of the sacred plants. Long before the reefer madness of America, cannabis was used in Shamanic cultures around the world, and considered a gate keeper between realms. It alters your state of consciousness because it is psychoactive. By doing this it enables you to have an experience outside of your limited perceptions.

The brain receives and interprets information so it can construct our perception of reality. There is significant scientific data that indicates we are not perceiving reality as it truly is, and for our survival, our brain has to ignore and remodel many variables of sensory input based on an overstimulating reality. This is done in order for us to survive and not be disoriented by information overload. We know this for a fact. An example of this is light, the very thing we need to see reality. Our reality is constrained to the visable light range frequency. And within that range of light, they technically do not posses any color. They are simply different frequencies of light entering our eyes, and our brain subscribes color to these frequencies to differentiate the light in our reality. Optical illusions form images in our heads based on structuring the data in a recognizable pattern, the same way we don't see pixels flashing different colors of light on a T.V screen (which are really variations in frequency), instead we see the entire image our brain has constructed for the sake of familiarity. ...[Continue reading on Jonathontwiz]