A deprivation tank is a tank, that's filled with about 10 inches of water. The water has about 1000 pounds of epsom salts dissolved in it. This makes it nearly impossible not to float in this water! The tank voids the person within it of any senses. The water is heated to exactly the temperature of your skin (34c) so you feel as if you're floating. The door is shut and then all of a sudden it's pitch black. There is no noise, except for the twistings and turnings of your own body.

Well, this device that was once common among hippies is now becoming much more mainstream. It is being used therapeutically for both the body and the mind. What is so crazy to think about is the fact that most people haven't been consciously deprived of their senses since they were in the womb.

I met the founder of this therapeutic studio at my school about a week back. Needless to say we got along and he offered me a complimentary 90 minute float. With excitement, i obviously took up the opportunity. ...[Continue reading on The Unmanifested]