A sensible person might ask, "What on Earth does Magic, Tarot, or Ritual have to do with spiritual awakening? How does studying number and color and tone help me on this spiritual path? What does the Tree of Life have to do with anything? It doesn't even look like a real tree!"

Why symbols and rituals? Well, because spiritually-minded people are a bunch of grown imbeciles who like to play dress up and stare at absurd abstractions, right? Those spiritual types are just suckers for all sorts of silliness and pageantry... or maybe not.

Taken on a purely superficial level, what are rituals and symbols? Complete and utter nonsense - gibberish. And for adults to concern themselves with these things in a superficial or literal way is lunacy on stilts. So why use them? Why all the nonsensical images and pageantry? The answer to these questions might be a bit more practical than one would expect. Properly understood, spiritual symbolism is among the most powerful tools one can wield on his quest for awakening. ...[Continue reading on Mystery Tradition]