Photo credit: Earth from a million miles away. NASA.

Humans have, in fewer than eight months, already used up one year's worth of the planet's resources. This is based on an analysis of the demand that the human population is putting on the Earth, through various actions such as pumping carbon into the atmosphere and scouring the sea of fish, and the rate at which the planet can replenish these resources.

In what's come to be known as " Earth overshoot day," we've reached the point at which everything else we do this year will be unsustainable six days earlier than we did last year. As it stands, we are on target to consume the equivalent of 1.6 planets over the course of the year. For most of human history we've managed to live within the planet's limits, but since around 1970 we moved into the red. Back then, humanity reached overshoot day in the last few days of December, but ever since we've been hitting it earlier and earlier. ...[Continue reading on IFLScience]