When we're living as amateurs, we're running away from our calling-meaning our work, our destiny, the obligation to become our truest and highest selves." "Turning pro changes how people perceive us. Those who are still fleeing from their own fears will not try to sabotage us. They will tell us we've changed and try to undermine our efforts at further change. They will attempt to make us feel guilty for these changes. They will try to entice us to get stoned with them or fuck off with them or waste time with them, as we've done in the past, and when we refuse, they will turn against us and talk us down behind our backs."- Steven Pressfield

How Your "Wow" Was Killed

Do you remember when you were little and you used to look up at the sky? You didn't see the clouds (or maybe it was the stars) with your eyes. You saw it all with your imagination. You saw things that were only meant for you. And you felt there were things that only you could bring to this world. You felt infinite. You were so full of wonder and "wow". And, well, you felt pretty unstoppable.

And you decided you wanted to be a chef or maybe it was a marine biologist or an actor or a scientist. You were going to be an astronaut, or an ice cream man (even though you were a girl), or a mom or a dad. Or maybe you were going to be a flower or a piece of glitter because you wanted to make the whole world sparkle. ...[Continue reading on Yourownlife]