Psychedelics are spiritual steroids; they are highly effective in their ability to bring the spiritual seeker to higher states consciousness. By forcing open the spiritual energy centers, they produce profound mystical experiences. However, spiritually-minded people shouldn't find it too difficult to understand that the physical, material plane is not all that exists. We are more than a physical body. We also have an etheric body. Much like steroids can produce incredible changes by augmenting the performance of the physical body, so, too, can psychedelics augment the capacity of the etheric, spiritual body. However, just as steroids can leave long-term, lasting damage on the physical body, so can psychedelics have long-term, lasting damage on the etheric body. Once again, yes, psychedelics are very effective at producing profound mystical experiences - but their effectiveness is not the measure which should determine whether or not they are safe.

In a remarkably candid piece of writing, George Winslow Plummer goes into the details of Spiritual Alchemy and explains how the chemical changes that take place in our body result in the natural unfolding of spiritual energies, and ultimately leads to a balancing of our personality. Every chemical change produced through the unnatural use of psychedelics can also be roused from within through the process of Spiritual Alchemy.

The student of alchemy who has always insisted upon reading into the spagyric art ingredients it has never required, will be surprised to discover that in the alchemy of the human body all the legitimate and traditional processes of alchemy are developed by the glands in the exercise of their several and individual functions. Fermentatio, Putrefactio, Sublimatio, Condensatio, Calcinatio, etc., are active in the exact formulae prescribed by the ancient writers, and the distilled product veils a secret Principle, unknown even to the foremost researchers in glandular activity, that functions in the development and manifestation of human traits we have hitherto been led to accept as works of the Spirit that is in Man. Perhaps we are tracing that spirit in Man to its very lair. Perhaps the endocrine glands will prove to be the threshold of the entrance from the Seen to the Unseen. It seems but a short step anyway. ...[Continue reading on Mystery Tradition]