Belief and skepticism are constantly at odds with each other. For many of us, an extreme of both can lead to an unhealthy perpective of the nature of reality. There is a beauty in grasping the language and theories of science and a beauty in understanding the language of the esoteric. Each provides insight into what the other does not. And yet as our culture Ascends into more awareness, these two forms of knowledge begin to overlap more and more. More and more people are becoming conscious and taking to the internet to share their wisdom (or lack of it). Sharing of knowledge with no censorship is a beautiful thing, but as information is being spread across the internet, it is up to us as individuals to cultivate a strong "bullshit detector". We must cultivate our minds to decipher what resonates with our rationality and what resonates with our intuition. I am not positioning myself as an authority of what is fact .vs. nonsense, but as I comb over a lot of information on the internet, I can clearly see the harm of having a closed mind, as well as the harm of having too much of an open mind.

When I see websites post articles titled " The 5 Main Extraterrestrial Races In Contact With Earth Right Now: What You Need To Know ", I can't help but wonder how people are unable to maintain a healthy balance between open mindedness and rational thinking. Are there aliens out there? I don't know, probably. Given the vastness of the universe and a conservative estimate on the probability of earth-like planets that could host intelligent life, I would say that there likely is intelligent life out there. But to explain 5 Alien races in vivid detail as if to have done a full-scale investigation in which you could present evidence for if called upon is absolute nonsense! The internet is rife with misinformation and disinformation, which is why we must all acquire a keen sense of rational thinking along with a healthy open mind.

I couldn't help but wonder where this website was getting it's information from. Talking about all the different races of aliens that have visited planet earth, their personality profiles and intentions, from Lumarians to Reptilians, etc. ...[Continue reading on Ascensionlifestyle]