Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education

A classic, thought-provoking TED Talk on how video technology can be a revolutionary tool for education.

Alan Watts – Compassion Instead of Power

Great portion of a Watts lecture on power and compassion.

COOL POPE (hilarious animated music video)

Pope Francis is known as the Cool Pope. And he's the Coolest Pope around!

Geoff Thompson on Harnessing the Power of Attention

In this video, Geoff talks about the only thing you need to work on... ATTENTION

Live Rich

A spoken word film about the true meaning of wealth. S

Awesome Neurophilosophy Talk by Patricia Churchland

Awesome and informative video on neurophilosophy.

Your Elusive Creative Genius | Elizabeth Gilbert | TED Talks

Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses -- and shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person "being" a genius, all of us "have" a genius.

Geoff Thompson on The Divine Economy

Do you want to know the enormous power of the Divine Economy?