Surviving Alone in Alaska

Heimo Korth is the last man standing in 19 million acres of Alaskan wilderness. His neighbors are polar bears and caribous. Say good bye to civilization and see how they do it in the arctic circle on...

Talks at Google: Eckhart Tolle in Conversation with Bradley Horowitz

Eckhart Tolle stops by Google for a fireside chat with Bradley Horowitz. The subject is: “Living with Meaning, Purpose and Wisdom in the Digital Age.”

Lewis Black on Evolution

A clip on Lewis Black talking about evolution and president bush..

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Thank God I’m Alive

LIKE THIS? If you live in America you definitely know what TGIF (Thank god it’s Friday) means. For those of you that don’t know, it’s said to show...

George Carlin Talks War And American Politics

George Carlin brings TRUTH to the masses using comedy. Rest in Peace George.

George Carlin and Bill Hicks tell it like it is

George Carlin and Bill Hicks are comedic geniuses whose material is still very relevant today.

World’s Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)

VICE’s Ryan Duffy went to Colombia to check out a strange and powerful drug called Scopolamine, also known as “The Devil’s Breath.” It’s a substance so intense that it...

Disney Medley (UMass Amherst Doo Wop Shop A Cappella group)

Doo Wop Shop Twitter:!/UMassDooWopShop Doo Wop Shop Facebook: Doo Wop Shop website:...

Life – Joe Rogan, Jason Silva, Terence McKenna, Alan Watts

Joe Rogan, Jason Silva, Terence McKenna, and Alan Watts set the philosophical tone for this positive psychological trip. Set to an original score and sound design by Alexander Seling. Twitter:...

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