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Life Philosophy

I think the key to get the most out of your life is to learn how to use your mind
I have learnt many things and studied my self and how everything works and mechanisms of things which improved my whole perspectives and my view on life

Life is much more worth living when you learn some abilities that will sit you free and make you happier like : control the mind&Thoughts , Focus on the positiveness on everything , Eat healthy& Exercise , Don’t be fooled by your thoughts , Examine your self to know what you like and don’t . You only have you in this life ! So why not Develop your self and enjoy ? :)

I am...

I’m rami :D


Exercise your human mind as fully as possible knowing that it is only an exercise ,explore the secrets of the physical universe, savor the input from all the senses, filled with joy and sorrow and laughter, empathy, compassion, and tote the emotional memory in your travel bag

The Key is to learn how to use your mind

Enjoy every moment because someday you will miss your self and the life you had

It’s only after we’ve lost everything, that we’re free to do anything.

If you live long enough, then you realize that life eventually becomes a series of goodbyes, departures. Not the life of your childhood, which was a constant flow of hellos, arrivals.

your thoughts build your life

the most important things in life aren’t things



The power of now


I don’t have a specific Genre or band
It all depends on the beat and lyrics

Trance : Cosmic gate , Armin van buuren , Above & Beyond And many more
Ambient : CBL , Vibrasphere , Solar fields
Rap : Ab-Soul , Kendrick lamar
Rock&Metal : Tool , apocalyptica

Film & TV

Mr-Nobody , undisputed , The matrix, Waking life , fight club , Low Abiding Citizen