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Life Philosophy

There is no a one absolute truth. What is truth for you probably is not for me and vice versa. We have to live this life knowing that there is one truth for each person in this world.

I keep open mind, because:
– Not so long ago we (humankind) were sure that this planet was flat and that there was a monster in the horizon at the end of the sea.
– Later on we accept the “crazy” idea that this planet is actually a globe but that we were the center of the universe.
– This days we “know” that we are not at the center of the universe.
So tell me, ca be sure of what we know? Please keep your mind open that everything you think you know can be totally false.

My Life Philosophy is: “keep searching for answers, because nothing I know is true and also because it is a lot of fun on doing this search. I do not obsessed about getting (or not) answers because probably I will not get all I want in this trip called life, but for sure I enjoy the search”.

I am...

I am not only the things I remember, but I don’t know what else I’m, I just feel there is something else in me.


“Life is now”


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