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Life Philosophy

Nothing’s objective, everything’s a matter of perception. And perception comes from experience. There’s no normality, no a priori. Just wanna live life, dreams, feelings from a different perspective…The real perspective, not the one taught by society!

I am...

who I am! A human being. Who wants to just live, love and laugh. Live 100%, not 99%. One life, one love. We should be together rather than dispersed.
I wanna meet everyone! Talk to everyone. Love everyone. And enjoy life, that is all that matters :)


Of all the faces I’ve seen on Earth, there was no ugly smiling one :)
Live, Love and Laugh should be everybody’s motto!
Don’t plan life, just make it happen!


On The Road


Everything that sounds right to me!
From Rachmaninoff to Dixon, through Hancock, The Doors, Pink Floyd and 2 Pac!

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