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Los Angeles, CA

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Do what makes you happy. Lord knows we spend enough time doing other shit!

Every single person on this planet is beautiful in some way. The only difference between us is who lets themselves be beautiful as they are, those who try make themselves attractive according to social pressure, those who think they are ugly, and those who simply don’t care.

I am...

African American, bisexual, a contrarian, VERY affectionate, a swordsman and archer, always up for deep meaningful conversation, a hater of small talk, an avid hockey fan (talk shit about my San Jose Sharks and I’ll hate you forever), a hater of politics


House music is the most amazing thing EVER. Particularly soulful house. Knowing any music made under the Naked music label will make me love you. (Emphasis on Blue Six) Also Enigma, Blue Stone, Delerium, etc. New agey stuff. Good bedroom music!

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