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Life Philosophy

its all about energy. no matter what you believe all aspects of life require the conduction of energy. through out the infinite tangents of everyones infinite circles energy keeps the world goin round. karma, fate, destiny are all very comlicated, yet all affected by energy. make connections, develop relationships, and inflict change.

I am...

a student attending UNiversity of texas at Austin. As a transfer from El Paso i am new to this spectacular scene. This is my kind of town! anywho, i am here to reach my potential and use the resources at hand. I love music. simply put. the freedom of longboardin runs through my veins. Opptimism is the name of my game.


love is my religion
lets just sing and dance till we both go insane
music is wat feelings sound like
be the change you want to see



Siddartha, Cosmic conversations the pirate’s delima the doors of perception heven an hell after america mary shellys frankenstien Emerson, philosophy, 1984, Les Mis and many more….


Dave Matthews Band

Beethoven (the) Melvins Iron Maiden Audioslave Zorch The Movement Mudvayne Ziggy Marley RATATAT Slipknot Korn Them Crooked Vultures Queens of the Stone AgeQueen Linkin Park Iron & Wine The B-52’s The Smashing PumpkinsThe Strokes The Killers The Doors The Beatles Jack Johnson Georg Friedrich Händel Mozart Hans Zimmer Bob Dylan Bob Marley Cage The Elephant The Cat Empire streetlight Manifesto Big D and the Kids Table Kittie Earth, Wind & Fire The Mama’s and The Papa’s Bloody Beetroots – Death Crew 77 DJ SKAZI Infected Mushroom
Calvin Harris dubstep Muse Mumford and Sons Cake Sublime deadmau5 Sublime With Rome BALLYHOO!The Expendables Dirty Heads Slightly Stoopid Bassnectar Bag of Toys PASSAFIRE Lamb of God DISPATCH Earth, Wind & Fire Slayer Damian Marley Stephen Marley Sum 41 Weezer Panda Bear Avey Tare AC/DC At the Drive-In Maroon 5 Explosions in the Sky Grizzly Bear whitechapel All Shall Perish Eric Clapton The Cavaliers The Mars Volta Wolfmother Zach Deputy The B Foundation Red Hot Chili Peppers Sound Garden JJ Johnson headshine Rusko Radiohead The Jimi Hendrix Experience Nirvana Coldplay Black Sabbath System of a Down Pantera Trivium
The Bloody Beetroots Killswitch Engage Children Of Bodom Ramstien Animal Collective Iration Jurassic 5 Pepper The Toxic Avenger Boys Noize Liquid Cheese Caspa Dave Mathews Band The Decemberists Mad Caddies Crash Kings Echo Movement OPM Hepcat Incubus Drowning Pool Dream Theater Tenacious D Trans-Siberian Orchestra Switchfoot The Offspring Eminem Metallica Flobots Grateful Dead Catch 22 Phish Widespread Panic Pretty Lights 311 Pink Floyd SOJA Atmosphere State Radio STS9 Rebelution Jack Johnson

Film & TV

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Scary Movie 2 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Scarface™ Idiocracy 500 Days of Summer Donnie Darko
Avatar Fight Club Friday Batman: The Dark Knight Kung Fu Panda
Saving Private Ryan Requiem for a Dream Pi The Hangover Where the Wild Things Are Inception 300 Grandmas Boy Beer Fest Half Baked Accepted Tmnt Transmormers Happy Feet Dukes of Hazzard the Island Tenacious D Surfer, Dude Step Brothers WALL•E
Dr. Strangelove The Boondock Saints Black Hawk Down Children of Men I Am Legend Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Stranger than Fiction
Edward Scissorhands 7 Pounds Big Fish Ace Ventura: When Nature

Invader Zim Community The Office Family Guy Adventure Time The Regular show Wilfred on FX It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Louie
Scrubs The Simpsons How I Met Your Mother The Simpsons South Park Rob & Big That ’70s Show Hey Arnold! Mystery Science Theater 3000 Fuse TV Workaholics Wilfred American Dad The Colbert Report Superjail! The Daily Show Futurama Doug The Boondocks Tosh.0