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Life Philosophy

Life in Equality

We are able to stop lying to ourselves by our own volition to do so. We walk the individual process beginning with ‘cutting of all ties’ within a process of Self-Support to ensure that we do not only just stop participation in our lives, but we actually walk a process of assessing which aspects are required to be re-defined, corrected and aligned to the principle that we establish as the law of our being: Equality as Life.

Through applying Self-Forgiveness we give ourselves a second chance to live. We realize that we don’t have to go carrying our past, our guilt, deeds, quirks secrets and this entire world system of abuse, violence and corruption as an ever-present hunting shadow that becomes the default experience within ourselves. We can de-fault ourselves by forgiving ourselves and start over again. What a better ‘gift’ you can give you to yourself than for-giving our negligence toward ourselves and all living participants within the world

I am...

I’m a human being that has decided to live by the principle of Life in Equality and place myself as a point of support for everyone that’s willing to birth themselves as Life in this physical world. Life-Birth Assistant/Supporter @ /


“We can change the world with ease through re -education with the primary agenda universal life responsibility – and the change of the world is one word” – Bernard Poolman

“Can the education of child be more effective and be based on responsibility towards self and the world in understanding its total functionality and interdependence?
If all children are educated in skills and knowledge about the world as a living organism that must function to support all life in ways best for all, would we have anew human?
if we direct education towards equality –every one will be comprehensivist
when every one understand the world and each other –fear will be exterminated
when ego is identified as a real mental disorder , would that change the world effectively?
If ego is identified as that hich is not responsible towards life, would people still cultivate ego if they will be send to an asylum?
Is individuality subject to ego or does it exist independently as living form anyway?
we can change the world with ease through re -education with the primary agenda universal life responsibility” Bernard Poolman

“Independent as livng form – because when you stop ego, you’re still here” Sunette Spies





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