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Life Philosophy

Figure it out for yourself.

I am...

looking for people I could spend serious time with.


are for people who cant think of their own.





I prefer non-fiction but I have over 250 books in my bedroom alone so I have plenty of fiction as well. you can look at my list of books here>


I love all kinds of music really, so long as theyre actually any good. Some music just isnt. -& Im not that fond of Country or anything where even the most avid fan cant discern the lyrics from the song without reading them first.

Film & TV

I really like movies for sure but I dont like them in the way that I could really have ‘a few faves’. I like everything from cheesy National Lampoon college humor to foreign flicks, cheesey low budget claims at horror like Zombie Strippers to kids movies like Aladin, and ‘psychological thriller’ types like the Hannibal movies and inception, to simple little cute things and movies about the lives of people.

I like movies based on reality, true-stories, complete bullshit, drugs, people, and the stories written for kids.

One movie I really liked was Antz.