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Life Philosophy

I believe Imagination is stronger than Knowledge, that Myth is more potent than History.
I believe that Dreams are more powerful than Facts, that Hope always triumphs over Experience, That Laughter is the only cure for Grief and,
I believe that Love is stronger than Death.

Life is an invite to all to forget the mortality of it and everything it is made of in admiration of immortality that we attribute to every aspect of its existence.
The only ones who deserves to be attributed immortality if at all is “Our Families”, the ones we have and the ones we create!

I am...

Definitely not what I always project to be!
I am scared of people loving me the way I love them, and so I pretend to be the one who would invite hatred at times. Its a kind of balance mechanism for the ones to whom I find myself closely attached with. That’s selfish, as for one I cannot stand reciprocation of the quality and quantity of Love I hold, and second, I am scared as reciprocation is a guarantee because I am a complete “Fall in Love” material.


Read a lot, Appreciated many, Remembered few.
Can state all of those remembered but when it comes to Quoting, I am not specifically a Rote learner!


The complete works of Shakespeare – William Shakespeare.
Mein Kamph – Adolf Hitler.
Beyond the Last Blue Mountains – J.R.D Tata.
The travels of Marco Polo- Marco Polo.
My Feudal Lord – Tehmina Durrani.
Diary of a young girl – Anne Frank
Poems especially by Keats, Byron, Shelly, Wordsworth, Coleridge, all the British romantic poets in around the 19th century.

Reading is a Bliss, a Solace for me. Anything that connects to subtle aspects of life, establishes itself with Literature or History or can intoxicate me to think about it forever forms my Interest.


Its Mood and so means a lot!!

Film & TV

Supernaturals – An Addict as of now!

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