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veritatem dilexi ….this is a tattoo i have. :)
its latin roughly translated as "i choose the truth" "i desire truth" "i love truth."

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What is called 'the great and originating' is (in man) the first and chief quality of goodness; what is called 'the penetrating' is the assemblage of excellences; what is called 'the advantageous' is the harmony of all that is right; and what is called 'the correct and firm' is the faculty of action. The superior man, embodying benevolence, is fit to preside over men; presenting the assemblage of excellences, he is fit to show in himself the union of all propriety; benefiting (all) creatures, he is fit to exhibit the harmony of all that is right; correct and firm, he is fit to manage (all) affairs.


poetry, religion, (including midrash) science, ancient texts, archaeology, ancient egyptology, ufology, art, astronomy, archaeology

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