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Song as the Algorithm of the Spirits

Late in the night, after preparations have been made—hammocks have been strung, the participants...

Jonathon Weisberger

From Wealthy Asshole to Awakened Entrepreneur: How Gerry Powell Was Reborn Through Plant Medicine

We interview Gerry Powell, the founder of Rythmia, a medically licensed Plant Medicine center in Costa Rica.

Jon Brooks

30 Warning Signs of a Toxic Person

A comprehensive list of 30 toxic personality traits.

Jon Brooks

Drivin’ and Vibin’: Meet the Couple Who Sold Most of Their Possessions for a Life on the Road

Most of us yearn for something greater. We seek the adventure of a lifetime. To return to the...

Drivin' and Vibin'

12 Deceptively Simple Secrets to Dramatically Improve Your Existence

Warning: Do not read this article if you're going to treat it as "just another self-improvement article." If you do that, it's worthless.

Jordan Bates

Ethnobotanical Mastermind: Down the Rabbit Hole of Sacred Plant Medicine With Jonathon Weisberger

They say a true shaman will not call themselves a shaman. Jonathon Weisberger is an ethnobotanist...

Jon Brooks

The Most Epic Book List on the Internet: 80 Heart-Stopping Books That Will Transform Your Thinking Forever

It struck me one night that, in many ways, great books are like puzzle pieces. If the...

Matt Karamazov

6 Relationship Mindsets You Need to Make the “Honeymoon Phase” Last Forever

What is every great novel, play, movie, and TV show about? Relationships. Even the most introverted...

Jon Brooks

Experiencing Apotheosis: A Look Inside the First-Ever HighExistence Spiritual Retreat

There are a few events in life that are truly ineffable. They defy language, choosing to remain in...

Eric Brown

Can Psychedelics Cure Autism? — An Interview With Andrea Domenichini

Can psychedelics cure Autism? It’s a question researchers are only beginning to ask, but...

Jon Waterlow