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A movie made 30 years ago that perfectly describes the situation today about television, news, and the main stream media. It resonates louder and sounds truer today that it did when the movie was...

Brother Ali – Uncle Sam Goddamn

Available now at Itunes: From the album “The Undisputed Truth” check out for more music. Album available at...

Stranger Talks Poetry

This is a poem I did after fantasizing about a deep converstation with a stranger I had just held the door open for. Weird… but awesome.

Terence McKenna – The Internet (1995)

Uploaded by MckennaCountrCulture on 2014-09-21.

Life and Overcoming Depression ft. (Joe Rogan, Adam Carolla, Duncan Trussell)

I do not own any of the audio, music, or video. —all media belongs to rightful owners. —–exerpts from Joe Rogan Experience, adam carolla interview, and Duncan Trussell family hour

Virtual Cleanse – Day 2 Evening – The Difference In Waters

All About George

Meet George Zymarakis. A contemporary artist living in Athens today, a city in deep economical crisis. We follow a man who chooses to separate himself from society and focus on the beauty and joy of...