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Revolution – Official Trailer Revolution is a film about changing the world. The true-life adventure of Rob Stewart,...

The Grand Portal

Introduction to Wingmakers and Lyricus

6 Destructive Ideas Commonly Perpetuated in Western Culture

Since the day you emerged into this bizarre, sparkling universe, you’ve been conditioned to...

Jordan Bates

Joe Rogan LIVE #165 (PART ONE) – Bruce Lipton PHD, Brian Redban

Subscribe for more Joe Rogan Podcasts – The only channel on Youtube with FULL Joe Rogan Experience and Deathsquad Podcasts up.Subscribe for more Joe Rogan Podcasts – The only channel on...

How Do You Define Yourself?

How do you define yourself? An inspiring lecture from the late Alan Watts. Alan Watts audio courtesy of Music Used: Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche...

Geoff Thompson on How the World Consists of Infinite Mirrors

In this video, Geoff discusses the world as an infinite series of reflections showing you who you really are.

America is not the greatest country in the world.

A clip from HBO’s newest show ‘The Newsroom’