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EOTO- Plant based boogey -Covington

NOTICE- Was not Sober. I injested copious amounts of organic figs,water, and intoxicating tunes! ; )

900 days of adventures and challenges around the world

We are cycling around the world. This video sums up 30 months of our journey cycling around the globe and other adventures. It follows the previous summary video of our project here :...

Totem Pole – Aaron Swearingen

Written By: Aaron Swearingen: “Totem Pole” Made out of boredom on an IPhone in roughly 2 hours… Featuring bros: Aaron Swearingen, Matt Mead, Tyler Kraft, and Matt Liddell. Oh and it...

Eckhart Tolle ◦ Tao Te Ching ◦ Waves of Awakening

♥ ~ Namasté Dear Ones, Sacred Sangha of Earth ◦ Recognize who you truly are Beloved Beings of Presence ◦ We are One ◦ Unified, we raise Humanity Embodiments of the Universe ◦ Sharing the...

Björk – All is Full of Love (Official Music Video)

Directed by Chris Cunningham. Written by Björk. Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd/Famous Music. ® 1999 Björk Overseas Ltd/One Little Indian Ltd.