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On A Day Like This – Project 5am

Inspired from the poem “The Way” which is a collection of thoughts created from 2007-2012 in response to the Allen Ginsberg poem Five Am which in turn was the catalyst for project 5am....

Simple Technique for Self-Love (loving yourself)

Simply wanted to share my idea with you, to see if it can help you too. Excuse the the part where I repeat myself :)

How Psychedelics Are Saving Lives

This video, produced by and, highlights how psychedelic medicines are saving lives worldwide. Numerous studies show these substances are non-neurotoxic,...

What are Universities for?

Universities have a prestigious place in our societies. We go there to be taught how to make a living, not how to live.

Bashar – Shiftee

Bashar: Music: The XX – Intro If this doesn’t make sense, then watch this:...

Lucid Dreaming – Bashar

beyond secrets. this and more can be found at i do not own any of the content in this video!

8 Career Lessons From an Ancient Stoic Philosopher

Apply Seneca's ancient wisdom to your work life to get the most out of existence.

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