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Sadhguru interviewed on ABC News

In this riveting interview on Australia’s ABC News, Sadhguru answers questions about current affairs, the economy and human well-being. Starting with a question on corruption, Sadhguru speaks on...

AIB: It’s Your Fault

Spread the message on Facebook: Spread the message on Twitter: Check us out at: Every sexual assault case in India...

John Hagelin, Ph.D on Consciousness 2 of 2

John Hagelin, Ph.D ON Consciousness & Superstring Unified Field Theory, How is knowledge lost and The Observor – it seems the first 2 seconds of video 2 with the words ‘and...

Daniel Goleman: Attention is Like a Muscle

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman believes that attention is like a muscle, and can be strengthened with basic exercises.

New York Morning

We wanted to capture what morning feels like in NYC. It’s a little something from us to all New Yorkers working hard, doing their thing. Credits: Harrison Winter – Creative Director /...

Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant [1 of 3]

Part 2: Part 3: Re: Pineapple under the Sea:

Happiness, What Is It? A ReleaseTechnique Documentary

Happiness, What is it?- The Release Technique invites you to join us on an exploration of what Happiness truly is, and how to achieve it. We’ll take a look at what people believe Happiness is,...

Marijuana Saves Father’s Son

Ripped from documentary The culture high.