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Dutch Guy Checks on Carbide in 6000 Litre Tank Container

Meanwhile in the Netherlands…a traditional carbide shooting event ends up being particularly loud for one Jacob Jan. Lower your volume!


Uploaded by frconan on 2011-12-03.

God and His Shadow

For the last few thousand years our existence has been explained by metaphysical constructs, truths that lie hidden behind the appearances, everlasting ideas beyond what our senses can see and hear....

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Zorba’s Dance, Including The Barbecue Party

Alexis Zorba tells the future from a sparerib, pleads his love for the boss and dances the Sirtaki with him.

Jim Rohn – 003 Goals Workshop 1

Learn Why Network Marketing Is A Billion Dollar Industry – If you’re trying to decide whether network marketing is really a viable investment, consider for a moment that...

Life Pro Tip: Stop Reading New Books

Yes, you read that right. Do you find yourself with a new book every week, deep in the never-ending...

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