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*This* Is Why You Have Trouble Meditating

A wise man once said, “Meditation is f*cking hard.” Just like exercising, meditation is...

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Symphony of Science – the Quantum World!

Symphony of Science/Quantum World

Made with Code – Miral

The intersection of dance and code is on Broadway.

Carl Sagan on How Humanity Would Transform if Advanced Extraterrestrials Contacted Earth

If mankind were contacted by an alien race, how would the world react? How would people change? In...

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Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul [New Video 2012]

Alternative music video of Adam Freeland’s “We Want Your Soul” – one of the greatest protest songs in the history of electronic music. Video includes three full length retro... 2012

Directed by Nick Citton Edited by Stewart Yost Music by Polly Hall & Andrew Barkan Produced by Kate Stayman-London

Samsara Official Trailer #2 (2012) International Movie HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Samsara Official Trailer #2 (2012) International Movie HD A spiritual love-story set in the majestic...

It’s never too late to learn to play!

Meet Stephen Jepson, One Really Awesome 72 Year Old Man

Why Comedy Matters

We're used to thinking that the purpose of comedy is just to help us relax and 'have a good laugh'...