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How to Overcome Perfectionism: Life Lessons from Kubrick to Picasso

Learn creative lessons from Picasso, Kubrick, Spielberg, Woody Allen, and leading psychologists to overcome perfectionism and improve your productivity and wellbeing.

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MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

The new short film by Blu an ambiguous animation painted on public walls. Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche) music by Andrea...

We Are All One – An Inspiring Short Film To Watch

This incredible short film shares an Indigenous Native American Prophecy that links all of life and the future of our planet. Visit the website… Upload the file and spread the word!...

A Hydrocarbon Heaven

When finished, Nick’s anaerobic digester will convert organic waste into gas, then his fuel cells will convert that gas into cheap clean electricity. It really is almost that simple.

The Joe Rogan Experience: Jason Silva, Podcast 183 * * * *

BE inspired. Join the movement. SUBSCRIBE NOW & join us on a journey into the heart of mind! Jason Silva interviewed on The Joe Rogan Experience....

Radiohead – Feral | Music Video

A music video for Radiohead’s Feral off of their “The King of Kings” album. All the special effects were accomplished with just a camera and a filter I cut out from an interesting...

How a password changed my life.

“How could she do something like this to me?” said a voice in my head. All the time. Everyday....

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