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The Worst Case Scenario

What if you died right now… Would you be happy with what you have done/been doing with your...

Jordan Lejuwaan

A Brand new politics: Russell Brand interview with Mehdi Hasan

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Mine Kafon | Callum Cooper

MINE KAFON is a Finalist in the $200,000 FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition and is in the running to become the $100,000 Grand Prize Winner. It could also be named an Audience Favorite if it’s...

20 Money Hacks to Increase Your Financial Freedom

Knowing the basics of personal finance will make your life a hell of a lot easier.

Leo Babauta

Technologies of Ecstasy

“Reality, it seems, is multiple, and tightly coupled to perception. The conditions of perception can be varied within a broad range by a variety of psychedelic technologies.” -Diana...

How the oceans can clean themselves: Boyan Slat at TEDxDelft

Boyan Slat (@BoyanSlat, Delft, 1994) combines environmentalism, creativity and technology to tackle global issues of sustainability. Currently working on oceanic plastic pollution, he believes current...

“A Good Day” With Brother David Steindl-Rast

Look, listen and be inspired by this powerful message on grateful living