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Dominic Frisby – Why Gold is the Currency of the Free

Spoken by Dominic Frisby at the Cheviot Sound Money Conference Uploaded so I can share this amazing speech! Dominic also has a new book out, “Life After The...

Bareback horse ride – deaf mute girl, simply amazing

Stacy Westfall 2006 Championship Run. Truly a Marvelous video and you WILL be amazed at her skill

Videos: The Coolest Sports in the World

I searched for a couple of hours, watched videos of every sport imaginable and singled out these...

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The Power of Chaos

Daquan speaks on how we can facilitate chaos into our lives to counter structural violence and achieve our full potential.

Your Worldview Can Set You Free

You want more freedom? No sweat. All you have to do is this: Investigate the current boundaries in your life. Your belief system determines the boundaries in your life. It is the framework...

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