Views on the existence of God

(Just to set things straight, I’m not judging anyone. This is a school asignment). I just want...


is religion REAL?

there can’t be one TRUE religion, right?


Introducing myself to my family

I have been living away from home for three- almost four years now, rarely traveling back home to...


Have you read the quran?

Anyone read it? What is your take on it? Is it worth a read? Any other suggestions on it?


Why Christianity?

This is not a troll question or something to pick up an Internet fight. I want this discussion to be...


Is satan really the bad guy?

I’ve been doing some reading and such on this whole situation and I honestly don’t see...


Rethinking the significance of a lack of proof of God

I would like to argue the following: There is no logical or empirical proof of God. A proof would be...


What is God?

Do you think its a he? Alot of people talk about God and how great “he” is, but i...



I got into a very long discussion today with a Christian guy, and it left me with a strong dislike...


Lesser known religions?

I used to be a very strong born-again Christian, but recently became Agnostic after God refused to...


Signs of God? Everyday occurrences that lead into faith

I grew up with a Wiccan father; a man who led his own Coven and his mother who was a dedicated...


At what point does culture and religion become child abuse?

Richard Dawkins recently shared a story on his Twitter about a forced marriage between a 30-year-old...


Religion and it's usefullness

I find religion to be quite a loaded topic. I theorise religion being an innate instinct of...


"The end is coming!"

A local coffee shop that I began frequenting several months ago has become a favorite spot of mine....


what if "god" had billions of eyes

And big bang was simply an attempt from God to spread those eyes amongst what today has become...


Thoughts and Realizations of an Ex-Christian

As I sat there listening to one of my past close friends, Micah, sing a touching song praising God,...


I'm a Christian, Help me out

I am and have been a Christian for many years. It seems many have a problem with that, and I...


Breaking free from the Bible

Anyone who grew up in the Christian/Catholic church that no longer subscribes to that dogma- do you...

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