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 Marvie (@marvie) 5 years, 7 months ago

Greeting people! Over the past few months I have actually began to delve into deeper meaning, thinking outside the box, and overall becoming who I want to be.
The challenge is is to make/do 20 of the habits/things on my list. I have to do at least one thing a day.
Paleo Diet- I have been wanting to do this because after reading countless hours about this subject I have now confident that this is not something that could potentially harm me. It is not a diet really, but a lifestyle. I did this diet for a few days and felt fantastic. However, I had succumbed to make potato chip craving and ended my diet at that moment.

Meditate- Their are countless benefits that come from meditation. Increased attention span, cleared mind, relaxation, and also silence from the waves of thoughts perpetually crashing into my mind.

Under 5 miles? No Vehicles- Over that past week, I have had a broken bike and no car, forcing me to walk everywhere I desire to go. Walking just seems like a calming experience, especially in the morning. In the morning the fog rubs against your face, the sound of cars are almost non-existent, and you are in complete solitude.

No Complaining- By doing this, I hope to become less of a whiner, but more of a thinker. Instead of complaining first, I want to be able to think of possible solutions first. Also, this will teach acceptance.

Dream Journal/Lucid Dreaming- By using a dream journal, I would be able to remember my dreams more often, learning what they have to offer. Also, a benefit of a dream journal is that by doing this, it is easier to achieve a state of lucid dreaming. This is probably the goal I am most excited to complete.

Draw a Creative Picture EVERY DAY- I cannot draw to save my life. I want to be able to channel my thoughts through paper. I want to be able to look at my drawing and not think “wtf did I just draw?” This would also help to get the creative mojo going. None of the pictures can be similar.

Unfortunately, I cannot come up with 14 more at the moment. What do you think should be added on to the list? Any feedback would be awesome. Thanks :)

November 19, 2012 at 11:46 pm
Alex (24) (@apacheco10) 5 years, 7 months ago ago

This is awesome! I have a friend of mine who I know is going to be one of the most successful people I meet in my lifetime. He does this every day. On an average day, he completes about 15-16.

I recently spoke with him about changing his system. In the book “18 MINUTES: Find your focus, master distraction, and get the right things done” by Peter Bergman (highly recommend) he mentions a “6-Box To-Do list”:

“Identify up to five things — no more — that you want to focus on for the year and write one at the top of each box on the page. Then, generate your daily to-do’s in those boxes.You should spend 95% of your time in those areas; take anything that doesn’t fit into one of those areas of annual focus and get it off your to-do list.The 6th box labeled “the other 5%” is like sugar — a little might be OK but your day should never contain more than 5% of the activities that don’t fit into your five areas of annual focus.”

Downloadable sheet: http://peterbregman.com/new-site/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/6boxestodolist.pdf

You may even implement both! Be warned that this task is one that is very daunting. You never know what will happen tomorrow and if all your plans to do these habits will be available. I do the daily goal system because it keeps my life simple. It’s far easier to focus on 4-6 things than 20.

Lacey (4) (@livingparadox) 5 years, 7 months ago ago

Oh lookie!
I have constructed something similar. I spent a couple of hours doing this – http://www.highexistence.com/7life-system-the-simple-structure-that-will-change-your-life/ (its definitely worth doing if you’re feeling a bit lost) And I’ve come down to many of the same things. This is my list of things I’d like to get into the habit of doing everyday-

-Draw something
-Read a chapter – I’m wanting to learn to speed read
-Write in a journal or vlog each day – I have a terrible short term memory and I think recording my thoughts will help me avoid running around in mental circles, so to speak.
-Cook something new
-Clean something that usually goes unnoticed- like the wire casing of a fan or the grooves in windows
-Go for a walk – new route each day. The more lost, the better
-Approach someone new

Thats it so far, im trying to be realistic and starting small. But I think ill add your dream journal and no complaining rule as well :)

Marvie (9) (@marvie) 5 years, 7 months ago ago

@livingparadox, That print out seems like something that could help enormously with my goals and my disorganization :)
@livingparadox, Wow, can’t believe I missed that article :P . Definitely going to add Cook something new, Approach something new, and write in blog/journal to my list. Thanks a lot :)

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