8 Acts of Kindness You Can Perform Daily

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Life is nothing but the deeds of kindness. A random act of kindness possess a huge power. It can make someone’s days. Even a single smile passed to a person can produce a huge affection. Several campaigns are often run to spread the message of love and to be kind to others. Study declared that the people who practice the selfless acts of kindness are happier than others. So, you should never underrate the power of acts of kindness. Even if it is just holding or opening the door for someone, or easing someone to carry the luggage.

So, Be Kind because it’s free.

Here we are going explain 8 acts of kindness that you can perform daily.

  • Let the flowers speak their language, place them at the doors of someone either you know them or not. If you think that your words can be cuter than flowers then you also them. Just leave a note of kind sayings with flowers.
  • Give away your old clothes to orphan homes or to such people that might be in need, whenever you have new clothes. Who knows that your donation would be the reason behind the affection of someone?
  • Offer your seat to older, disable and pregnant persons whenever you find yourself in a well-crowded train or bus. Your act can be the reason behind the comfort of such persons.
  • You may also leave a book that you have finished on the seat of a bus and train. You may attach a note of your review on the particular book. Don’t forget to mention “pass it to next person in the same way” note.
  • If you think that you are an impressive vocal person, try to make a call to the anonymous number and just ask the receivers that how was their day? If someone ask about yourself then simply tell them that you are just wishing them to have a good time. It might be possible that such act can the cause of relief for someone.
  • Compliment to at least a single anonymous person daily. You compliment may act like a booster for them and it is possible that your compliment may make their day.
  • While sitting in a restaurant have a look around you and pick a person that seems to have a hard day. Order a warm delicious dessert for that person and pay the bill by yourself. Additionally, you may send a note to that person through the waiter with good deeds and motivational words.
  • Express your loving deeds for your beloved ones. You may write a letter to your parents or grandparents for this purpose. You may express your kind deeds to your siblings if you are working far from them in another state or city. Your expression of your love for your beloved ones will strengthen your relation with them.  
January 10, 2017 at 11:13 pm
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