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 Kevin (@bigred) 6 years, 3 months ago

A personal post from my home forum, http://www.psychonaut.com

I feel what im about to share must be heard, and I highly encourage everyone to take the time to read it fully, and with an open mind.

I planned on waiting to have a solid final draft compiled before posting this, but with what ive got going on legally right now, i feel that it might be now or never.
The following has been crafted into one wrighting, although im copying this from many smaller subjects and wrightings out of my journal. Ill try my best to stay on one topic though for the sake of the thread.

"I often feel out of sync with my surroundings, when i meditate in the yard. I can feel everything around me, but i feel alien to the whole thing. Like im not contributing to the show around me. Ive planted some plants, and done other things to benifit the nature and my surroundings, but i still get that feeling. Like its too small scale.

I want to live somewhere where i can immerse myself in the cycle of natural life, and still have some of the nessessities of modern living. Free of the shackles of society, and in sync with the planet around us. This lifestyle would be difficult at best on your own. For this reason I know that it would need a group of people working towards the cause. A tribe of sorts, I guess. Just as humans have done for ages. If the right people, with the right motivation work together, we can work towards creating a new lifestyle free of currency, government influenced media, and the negitivaty of depleting the planet around us. We can create a life rich in freedom to live love and coexsist harmoniously. Us humans have to figure something diffrent out, because were really throwing things out of whack, and creating alot of problems(for ourself, and our surroundings). This would not only be for the benifit of the things around us, but for the benifit of man kind as a whole, and how we treat eachother. You see, for a place like this to be created, we must learn ways to live other than war, greed, and distruction. These ways would be much better suited for humans, and the planet that we so delicatly inhabit.

If even only a single person gains new knowledge in this day and age, it dosnt take long for much of humanity to gain that same knowledge thereafter, due to improvments in communications in the past few decades. We are gaining knowledge as a whole at alarming rates compaired to in the olden days. Its for this reason that I theorize that with the right chain of events, and the right motivation, much of humanity could learn this new way as a lifestyle(as they seem to change ever so often) eventually.

Ive always dreamed of a community where currency diddnt exsist, where inhabitants all worked together, and shared everything – like many tribes. There would be diffrent rolls, people who farm, build, and teach ect.. If the members are experienced in something benificial, usefull, and/or interesting, that would be their job, and they would offer lessions to all those interested and vise versa. With the right people living in this community teaching their knowledge, the result would be an edjucation of cold hard skills, and not just answers on a piece of paper with little real life value as alot of edjucation seems to provide.
Cash would be of no use there(although there would probably be exporting to pay for supplies)(cant cut money out ALL the way ). The main idea is that if you want a bag of apples from Mr.Smith you have to help him pick his crop during harvest time, or pull some weeds from the garden or something. Payment for goods would simply be a helping hand between eachother.
The picture in my mind of this place puts it somewhere rural or close to wildlife on a large plot of land somewhere nice. Realisticly RVs and trailers would probably house citizens(update below). Things would be powered by renuable resources, and supplies for comphortable living could be aquired on trips into town. Computers and phones would be available, it wouldnt be the stone age or anything, but ideally, food would be farmed, and as many resources would be stock pilied as possible. In the event of economic collapse, citizens of this community would be self sufficiant, and have means to facilitate life without the need of the unstable society around us.
I always pictured group yoga, martial arts, and meals to be eaten together, as well as classes for things that people are interested in (say for instance painting, or science). Everyone would have a skill to teach, and therefore a skill to learn.

From a longer term point of view, if done correctly, the result would be a self sustained community full of highly skilled individuals, with likly a better view on living in love and harmony, rather than greed and envy. And as mentioned above, maybe others will catch on from there? I think its plausable.
In the event of a theoretical global meltdown(im no 2012 nut dont worry), the community could break apart, and spread the word and their teachings, and form other similar communities that could also work together towards changing the way us humans live as a whole.

Maybe changing the world is a bit far fetched, but everything starts somewhere. At the very least, maybe afew like minded individuals could create there own personal paradice and live a life that makes them truly happy and in sync with eachother and the planet we inhabit."

How many of you does this sound appealing to?
I know im not the first person to think of it, and i doubt ill be the last to aswell. In my opinion, it just makes sence.
I know I couldnt pay for all of the land and things, and being raised in the city, and the suburbs i couldnt really sustain life off my surrondings, but just maybe offering up the idea is enough to get it started. I would gladly throw every dollar i have into this, and its a strong goal of mine to get something like this started.
Im not sure if im going to get a chance to though. Some recent trouble with the law has me unsure of how long ill be free. A classic case of why something like this would be nice. No neighbors are going to be going to tell the cops about mushrooms growing in my bathroom. No cops would be around investigating shootings, ect..
After the largly unessasary HAZMAT raid with gas masks and everything(for some mushrooms i remind you. just babies.), i realized this may be as far as my train goes.
If i can escape the barage of charges found in the house, the above will be my hearts innermost goal. If i cant escape the shackles. Atleast ive spoke my mind. A good idea takes off on its own if the right people with the right motivation read it.

Have you felt angry lately about the way things are? I know i am. This just seems to be the best solution i can think of.

Comments? Tips? Opinions?
*UPDATE* RVs are a horribly wasteful idea.
Earthships are the way of the future.

February 2, 2012 at 6:34 am
BirdFlyingHigh (152) (@birdflyinghigh) 6 years, 3 months ago ago

Where do you live? You should look into communal living in your area – or perhaps elsewhere, if you are willing to travel.

Kevin (187) (@bigred) 6 years, 3 months ago ago

Florida. And im willing to walk/hike/camp anywhere within the US border.

BirdFlyingHigh (152) (@birdflyinghigh) 6 years, 3 months ago ago

This place looked cool to me. It’s the only eco-village like that I’ve found. I’ve never been, and I don’t know anyone who lives there, but I wanted to check it out…


Doesn’t it just look incredible?

Kevin (187) (@bigred) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

This is what im talking about.

Kevin (187) (@bigred) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

If earth ships were built in a dancing rabbit format of community on a large scale, it would eliminate so many huge problems in our society. Its shocking how much bullshit these people are put through! the legal system is against self sustainability.

Its such a shame. Hopefully this catches on for our futures sake.

Tyler Jones (4) (@tbone) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

Good luck with the law man..

Im down for this ecovillage. I know quite a nice spot to start one off, but cant really get into it for a few years at least..

Kevin (187) (@bigred) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

Im making it a goal to go see this dancing rabbit place and feel out its members.
Theres another community like this in new mexico built by the creator of earthships that im really drawn to as well.

Heres his story:

Kevin (187) (@bigred) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

I would really just like to start my own. Tis such a dauting task though. Especally with such limited resources.

But thanks to HE, im learning to deal with problems like that ;)

Kevin (187) (@bigred) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

Ya im broke. I was going to walk there.
Would be quite the adventure from central florida! >:D

baird (12) (@jeanlebon) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

hey, these thoughts hit very (very) close to home. though i am young and relatively inexperienced in the world, may i offer my humble contribution to the knowledge pool?
the movie Martha Marcy May Marlene is very thought-provoking. amongst my friends (including those who intend in a few months to follow through with the ideas in your post), it was considered extremely on point.
Vine Deloria is a native american thinker/writer/leader and has written extensively on white involvement in communal living situations. unfortunately i have only read his works which peripherally deal with these issues. try “God Is Red” for starters– it should at least serve as a guide to this new way of life.


baird (12) (@jeanlebon) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

here’s a quote from Deloria to get us started, actually:
“The religious issue in American society has been developing for several decades. It is not as simple as the old Protestant-Catholic competition nor does it reflect the former Christian-Jew diversity. American society now has a bewildering variety of sects and religious traditions. The refugees from the Vietnam War and the intense interest in Asian religions, including the martial arts so well publicized by the movies, have made Asian traditions respectable for the first time in American history. The strong interest in the esoteric traditions, astrology, etc, has broadened out the supermarket of possible religious experiences so that people feel quite at home chanting a hymn to Osiris if the occasion calls for it. The religious situation today eloquently reflects the American psyche–

–>> we create our own reality and we are absolutely free to do so.
(emphasis mine, blah)

This condition, however, suggests that there is no reality and that we live in a completely intellectual world where the free choice of the individual determines the values and emotional content of experiences.”
p57, God Is Red

in essence: BEWARE of turning to the land without considering that this entails a radical disconnection with notions of historicity and teleology
(ie, obsession with TIME, and obsession with PROGRESS)
that are very much ingrained in your and my very existences.

college student currently writing a paper on this topic and procrastinating on HE instead

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