A way of thinking about Love and Fear

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So we’ve heard over and over about how love is the root of all good, and fear is the root of all evil, so I was just applying this to my own life. I’m doing a Masters course, but I’m doing it with the intention of actually learning, and I’m not worried about the grade or certificate at the end of it. There are certain things that I’ve always been scared I wouldn’t learn, and many of them, I haven’t, but I just had a realisation.

We attract what we FEEL not what we think we want, right? I was scared of not learning, and hadn’t really learnt to love learning. In fact it worked right down to a tee. The things that I loved learning, I’ve learnt. The things I was really fearful I wouldn’t learn I haven’t.

I dunno, perhaps try applying it to your own lives and thought patterns. Think about whether you’ve been worried about something and not been able to change it, or whether you’ve really embraced the change.

April 24, 2012 at 4:52 pm
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Victoria Gigante (0) (@vkgigante) 4 years, 8 months ago ago

Hey Nick, You are absolutely correct. What we focus on is what we bring into our lives. The thing is: you can’t trick life. Meaning, you can’t PRETEND to be ok with something when deep in your heart you don’t FEEL ok with it. With your learning, you may have wanted to be ok learning some of the stuff you were taught in the past – but in the end, if you really weren’t, well then you weren’t – and as a result, you didn’t learn. I like how you mention “fear” and “love.” I think those are two key concepts in regards to what you are talking about. A lot of times, out of fear, we try to THINK ourselves into believing and/or wanting something – but many times, it’s not really what we want, it’s what we THINK we want. But again, in the end, if it isn’t truly what we want – well, then… life knows, and life responds accordingly. I also like that you use the word “intention.” If we come from a place of love – if we speak from our heart, live from our heart, and follow our heart – we will attract exactly what we need into our lives. Embracing the changes that were made from our heart is always easier then those that come from a place of fear.

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Faithflower (27) (@peacelove) 4 years, 8 months ago ago

Interesting, so what you say is you should actually embrace the things you should learn, instead of fearing that you won’t learn the things you have to learn. But how do you change your feeling about certain things, if you don’t like the thing that you have to learn, then you automatically fear that you won’t be able to learn it, because you can’t put your mind to it, because in fact you don’t really feel you want to learn it.

Is it useful to change that instant emotion, or should we just follow that instant emotion of fear or love?

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