advice for first time on LSD/shrooms?

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so I’ve only ever smoked weed and drank, but I’ve heard of the mind blowing and life changing trips you can have while on LSD or shrooms. Which one do i try first? & for each one, what would be a good dose for my first time if im 17 years old, 5’5 and around 130 lbs. I already know that before i trip i need to be in a very positive mindset, around people i trust and have a babysitter there (or two). But I’m just curious as what to expect and if theres anything else i need to know before tripping for my first time. Obviously I’m nervous and i know that i really don’t want to EAT the shrooms, so if theres another easier, less gross way of ingesting them let me know. And also, should i put on music? if so, any suggestions on artists and/or songs? I wanna know all the details and exactly what to expect so when i enter the trip I’m not nervous and anxious and end up having a bad trip or have the trip not be what i expected.feel free to add any info you think i would need to know before i go through with it! thank you in advance!!!! :D

December 3, 2012 at 5:06 pm
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Tommy Clark (1) (@gottalovelife) 4 years, 1 month ago ago

@nicolebanana try putting the shrooms on pizza, listen to music you love, with people you love, and dont think or worry about it at all. just let the magic happen =]

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Hey Lady!
Shrooms are tons of fun. From my experience, I would recommend making tea from them. Eating them is gross and it hurts my stomach which is the last thing you want. Also shrooms are less predictable than acid in my opinion. I prefer acid. But shrooms are fun if you take a little and see how they effect you first. You can always take more later. I agree with Tommy, music you love and people you love. I like being outside but that’s up to you. :)
Love and Light
be careful!

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DaJetPlane (994)M (@lytning91) 4 years, 1 month ago ago

I’ll go ahead and answer some questions for you, but honestly you definitely don’t have to go about the process with such rigidity. The trip is going to be awesome for you and your friends no matter what, and the best part of tripping is that it allows you to enjoy a lot of things better, not just a few.

I took LSD my first time because many people told me the effects were more positive overall, and the nature of the trip tended to stay very light no matter what. With shrooms people frequently told me the experience could be like a roller coaster: whether the highs were really high or the lows really low, there was nothing you could do to control the trip.

That said, I had taken shrooms a few times and I didn’t think it nearly as severe as others had advertised it to me. In all honesty both are worth trying and one going before the other doesn’t really change much…as I said, you are going to have a great experience no matter what.

Shrooms lose some of their potency when blended into something or brewed into tea, so my advice is to just have something to chase it with and chew those bad boys up as much as possible. The taste may not be appealing but it’s very easy to leave once you’ve eaten them all.

Quantity, I would say start with no more than 2g of shrooms or 2 stamps of LSD. If you go for two of either, you will definitely feel it and you will definite have a great start towards your future in psychedelics.

Music, playing outside, swimming, walking and exploring nature…what ever you do, you’ll be just fine. I would recommend that you might consider not going into a place that is too public, because there can be a little anxiety paired with one’s first use and having people you aren’t comfortable with around. My first trip was tubing down a spring with some buddies…unforgettable puts it lightly. Just think outside the box and stay active.

Also, with music it kind of helps calm you down and vibe to have some slower-paced, more laid back tunes…a downtempo techno usually sets the mood well for me, but any kind of soundscape would be perfect for this.

If you have any other specific questions feel free to tag me and follow up!

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zencucumber (340) (@zencucumber) 4 years, 1 month ago ago

@nicolebanana shrooms before lsd. lsd is much more intense so for you first trip i would say shrooms. just make sure you are in a positive environment and let go of your worries and go outside and enjoy the beauty :’D

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whiterabbit (13) (@whiterabbit) 4 years, 1 month ago ago

@nicolbanana keep a joint with you. I’ve always found that any scary thing or thought you have is immediatly gone with the help of mary jane. She’s my #1 trip buddy I always make sure I have with me

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The Myth Called Common Sense (0) (@predbob55) 4 years, 1 month ago ago <—- this is Advice from Terrence Mckenna, he is basically the Guru on psychedelics. What I would say about Mushrooms is that you can have fun on them, but what they are really for is to show you things about your life. If you take a small dose you can have lots of fun, and this is easy with good friends, but I find you can only have so many trips before things you might be ignoring in life will come up one time in a trip. Most people say this is a bad trip, but if you work through it and face it, you will reach a point where you are almost looking at you life like a map, and you can gracefully choose how to move forward. It's good to also do deep breathing other meditation techniques, this will calm you down if you become frightened for any reason, and can also bring you to very interesting places in your mind. I've felt like I was one with the universe a few times while doing that, changed my life. Sooner or later tho I want to learn to reach these places with just meditation,

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