Alternatives to soda and coffee.

I’m going to quit drinking soda and coffee because they’re not good for my teeth or anything else in my body. So other than water, tea, and fruit/vegetable juice, what are some other options for me?? There has to be more out there… I’m not too crazy about these.

August 15, 2012 at 1:07 pm
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paul peden (16) (@paul2) 5 years ago ago

cofee is good for you

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Keith (0) (@dcfreak22) 5 years ago ago

There are tons of healthy juices out there on the market competing for your attention. I really don’t see any other categories of liquid that you didn’t put down. Water would be the best of all, I love my water from my refrigerator. I actually dehydrated myself when the water wasn’t working for two days haha. It’s quite easy for me to stay away from soda and coffee since I’m a college student and there are vendors all over campus offering juice. One thing my sister, not myself, does if the juice is too sweet, is drink some of it/pour some out and then water it down a bit from the water fountain. Just a small tip if you’re watching sugar as well.

To our health! :)

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Anonymous (0) (@) 5 years ago ago

There are thousands of types of teas, you shouldn’t shrug off all of it. You can practically get any flavor and have it taste awesome at any temperature.

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KellyM (107) (@kellah) 5 years ago ago

@brandonphillips, Lemon water!

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TaureanH (31) (@taurean10) 5 years ago ago

I know you said other than water, tea, and fruit/vegetable juice (wtf else is there besides those and alcohol) but NAKED juices are what I’ve been drinking since I quit soda. My favorite is the Mighty Mango (orange) but heard the purple one is pretty delicious as well. Good luck with your new diet!

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Iris (4,800) (@aneris) 5 years ago ago

most of them have already been named but maybe if we repeat it will stick better ;)

water- lemon water-green tea- red wine(not to much)- aloe vera juice- mint tea- soy milk, cocoa milk(make it yourself), tomato juice(V8) and so on

on orange juice and normal milk however its better to take one glass a day

my best advice to you is buy a mixer and lots of veggies and fruits and mix that shit! its also good as a diet. :) oh and water water water

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Brandon Phillips (142) (@brandonphillips) 5 years ago ago

I’m not just shrugging them off, there’s a lot of things in the world and I was wondering if there were any drinks that I hadn’t heard of or was missing out on. I still drink these but see, now I have a lot of other things to try:)

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Kristina Alexandra (13) (@lookitskristina) 5 years ago ago

This is considered a great caffeine replacement Yerba Mate, here is some more info on it Also good for weight loss apparently

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Kristina Alexandra (13) (@lookitskristina) 5 years ago ago

But coffee in measure is a great thermogenic, and good for focus , just don’t have an IV drip of starbucks and you should be fine…

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who (554) (@season) 5 years ago ago


Kombucha man. I brew it myself, 3 gallons at a time. It’s bubbly, sweet, and acidic like soda but it’s damn healthy. It has B vitamins and probiotics too, and detoxes, flushes, and revitalizes your whole system.

Oter than that I like to drink spirulina, chlorella and BGA. Outrageous if you’d like your lymph system clean, your heavy metals chelated, and your brain to work at light-speed. Pretty much the healthiest, cheapest food I can think of.

If you still like coffee they sell green coffee bean extract. it’s raw and the caffeine treats your body better in its unaltered state (from what I hear, I haven’t tried it personally).

To finish off I would recommend good water. is a great resource, and there are machines that will structure/clean/alkalize your H2O, though they tend on the expensive side. You might be able to find a health store that has one, or that could point you in the right direction.

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Joseph (114) (@warriors41) 5 years ago ago

water, only water.

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Brandon Phillips (142) (@brandonphillips) 5 years ago ago

The coffee that is good for you just tastes horrible to me. I’m used to a few hundred calorie, flavored, sugary starbucks drinks. I’m cutting those out.

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Obviously, you’re not a golfer (604) (@donjaime23) 5 years ago ago

Coffee is not detrimental to your teeth. Drinking a lot of it over an extended period of time can certainly cause some staining, but that’s easily remedied enough.

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Bryan Hellard (302)M (@xyver) 5 years ago ago

Water water water!

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Woodsy (30) (@woodsy) 5 years ago ago

if you are looking for a drink that still gives you the energy of coffee or soda without the crash, look into drinking yerba mate. If you’re looking for a super healthy option, there’s matcha (although I’ve never gotten around to trying it. I also read somewhere that green tea stains your teeth worse than coffee, so double check if it applies to matcha.)

I drink black coffee BEFORE brushing my teeth so I rinse the acidity off while brushing. (The only issue is you’d have to wait a bit before breakfasting because your enamel just went through the brushing.)

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Anonymous (512) (@) 5 years ago ago

“Alternatives” to soda and coffee? What the heck? Have these beverages become the norm in our culture? Wow. Let’s analyze that for a few moments…

Anyways, water is almost always an option where these are, lemonade, although high in sugar, lacks the caffeine in coffee and carbonation in soda pop. I’ve heard wonderful things about tea. My drink of choice is vitamin water, however.

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Jon Leo (78) (@d503) 5 years ago ago


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Heather (35) (@hhhkelly) 5 years ago ago

A balanced healthy diet..check out “honest food guide pyramind”…enough sleep..& big first meal of the day..& apples are said to wake you up more than coffee..I believe it I’m pregnant and had to stop drinking coffee & I switched to apples on days I was still feeling groggy and within a half an hour I felt like my day was started. Good luck! Good life choices

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Anonymous (2,653) (@) 5 years ago ago

@brandonphillips, “So other than water, tea, and fruit/vegetable juice, what are some other options for me?? There has to be more out there… I’m not too crazy about these.”

Seriously? You are not too crazy about all the kinds of tea and fruit juice? I feel you brother. You have to be crazy or you’ll die.

What a stupid fucking thread.

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Matthew (1,127) (@ojai) 5 years ago ago

@brandonphillips, Damn dude! Besides water, tea, juice, soda and coffee what are you expecting? Liquid hamburger meat? I mean like…what other kind of fluids are there besides water, fruit/vegetable juice and thousands of different kinds of teas. Smoothies? Egg nog? Oh, I got it.

Vodka. Edit- which has apparently been said.

Vodka again.

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St Emilion (2,991) (@manimal) 5 years ago ago

RAW MILK! Tastes wonderful, super duper nutritious and healthy too. I love goat milk, it’s so fucking tasty and it’s very suitable for the human body. Can be a bit expensive though, but it’s totally worth it. Processed milk is poison, raw milk is the drink of drinks.

Yerba mate and Macha are awesome too. Energizing, full of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, tastes great. Macha can be a bit expensive, but decent quality Yerba mate is available for cheap, and they’re both totally worth it.

Mead is nice too, in moderate amounts it’s a nice health drink but in excess it’s plain bad. It’s high in sugar though, but that’s easily remedied by eating less sugar. It tastes wonderful, especially if there’s blueberries in it. Mead works wonders against bacterial infections, the honey and the alcohol kill the bacteria while the antioxidants refresh your immune defense, and the natural sugar helps your body replenish the good bacteria. Authentic mead can be tricky to get your hands on, but making your own is easy.

But best of all is good ol water. Get a proper water filtration system, and you’ve got nice, clean, fresh water that barely costs anything at all. Add a pinch of sea salt or dried spirulina to harden it just a little bit (most tap water is too soft and thus cannot be optimally utilized by the body,) and enjoy.

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TheSkaFish (962)M (@theskafish) 5 years ago ago

I didn’t think coffee was bad for you??? (as I drink another cup)

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L.T (151) (@1love) 5 years ago ago

@brandonphillips, i recommend caffeine pills. They are easy to take and inexpensive. Works like a charm without the crash

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SubString (3) (@wareagles5o) 5 years ago ago

@beyond, Who gives a FUCK if you think its stupid? Are you like trying to audit everyones fucking thread’s? you did this to my thread, keep your unhelpful comments to yourself none of us care to read your shitty comments, this guy was sincere on something real that alot more people than you might think care about.

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