Anxiety Cures?

 Will Hodges (@mahatmahodgey) 6 years, 11 months ago

does anyone have any anxiety cures or treatments?

July 20, 2011 at 3:29 am
Pikachu (6) (@pikachu) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

I’ve heard from many people that marijuana helps them with their anxiety, but I’ve also heard that for some people it can make them paranoid. Depends on how it affects you, and how often you do it. If you’ve never tried it, perhaps give it a shot, but don’t let yourself become dependent on it.

If you were looking for something else, I would suggest taking a walk every day or going for a jog – exercise has a lot of benefits that are great for both your body and your mind; that has always helped me.

It also depends on what kinds of things give you anxiety. Does it come from work, school, social encounters, etc. Finding the source can give you insight into what kinds of things will make it better.

Jackson Fry (0) (@jackdizzle) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

I wish I had a good cure. I used to have anxiety attacks ALL the time (sometimes still do, just not as severe)… The only things I found which had a profound affect on my anxiety were medication or just waiting it out. Eventually every bout of anxiety clears itself up.

Nature (67) (@stefan) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

Meditation. Just be, and relax. But do it consistently, every day. Look within yourself. I guarantee it will help you.
What kind of anxiety is it? Social anxiety?

This is quite a good anxiety guided meditation.

Also, exercise as pikachu said, and take peaceful walks in nature.

william (15) (@shamanlight7) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

I’ve been fortunate to get help through the VA system for anxiety….meditation on relaxing music,Practicing mindfullness,a warm shower [ my favorite ] ,Nature walks,and searching the web for answers.Hope this helps Will.

Erin (0) (@forbsie) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

Will, I think what techniques may be useful depends some on whether you’re talking about general anxiety or anxiety that’s connected with something and what that something is. If you’re willing to give some more details then there may be more specific ideas/suggestions to try.

Timmy (5) (@timmy) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

The very best treatment I’ve ever come across for anxiety, far and away, is meditation.
I suffered from severe anxiety for years and each hospital trip ended with a new prescription bringing a new set of withdrawal symptoms. Oh, Goodie, right?
My anxiety was rooted in several problems, and meditation gave me the opportunity to be with myself and discover why I was anxious and how to not be anxious by simply altering my perception. :)

Nature (67) (@stefan) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

^ Truth.
I never suffered from severe anxiety problems, but I have suffered from mild anxiety and depression problems. Meditation and looking deeper into life solved these problems and are still solving a lot.
I believe no prescription drugs will solve psychological problems.
Meditation is the best Medication.

Anonymous (1) (@) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

I used to have a lot of anxiety because of a phobia and here are the things that have helped me to calm down:

1. Agreeing with everyone else, meditation helps a lot. Once you get the hang of it, it will allow you to feel the sensation of anxiety without really being affected by it. You will be able to observe your anxiety instead of being consumed by it. This will help you to overcome it. If you’ve never tried meditation before, just try sitting quietly and close your eyes (or leave them half open) and count your breaths. If your mind wanders, think “Just count.” After you get the knack of letting your thoughts go, you can look up ways of meditating and find the best one for your situation.
2. Yoga. I used to do extensive yoga but I’ve found that 15 minutes of it a day works for me. RealSimple Magazine recommends this workout:
Basically, focusing on your breath and movements is very calming.
3. Exercise: NOTHINGGGG in this world will take my mind off of anxiety like physical activity and I find that most people feel the same. If you are interested in getting in shape, you can contact me and I will send you my full workout. On top of my workout, I like to swim, lift, and I joined a field hockey league for alumni from my high school. Also, look for races and nature trails in your area. If you have something to work towards, your mind will be taken off of the anxiety. And while running, I find that my mind becomes so clear that I realize that my anxieties are kind of silly.
4. Music. If you play an instrument, you can just play it whenever you feel anxiety coming on. Try to play out the emotions that you are feeling. Or just listen to music. Pop and country usually make me more calm (even though they are my least favorite genres…)
5. Other people. Talking to others never fails to make me feel better. You could always find a support group or people that have the same anxieties that you do. Or you can choose to find the most calm, zen, and carefree people you know and hang out with them. Go out and have fun every once in a while.

I hope this helps. It works for me! But your situation is unique, so find whatever works for you and go with it!

Will Hodges (0) (@mahatmahodgey) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

this anxiety has kind of hit me totally out of the blue. i work at a overnight summer camp and before camp started i was totally fine, my energy was through the roof my emotions were in control i was having fun. a little background info about me, im 20 years old, i have a loving girlfriend that i love very much, i was working as a substitute teacher at my high school when i got done with my school year at new Hampshire institute of art i will be going into my junior year of college.i do mediate though not regularly. i have started to think of things that has been causing my to feel anxiety and its hard to word. it happens when i start to goto be, i worry that i will be up all night trying to go to bed and then that turns into a event. my second bout of anxiety is thinking of my girlfriend, which is the most frustrating part. i think of her name and i feel anxious and what is frustrating about this is i love her with all my heart and she puts zero stress on me and is very supportive and understanding with this thing i have been going through. what i have been thinking of that could be the root of this problem with her is, she is my first real girlfriend in 3 years that actually loves me and would never hurt me(for once) second of all i think it could be the distance thing, she works at a summer camp as well and im only able to see her for 2 days every 2 weeks because of scheduling of both our camps. and the third thing is im so afraid of hurting her so that scares me. there is some info on me and im open to some more feed back if possible!!!

william (15) (@shamanlight7) 6 years, 11 months ago ago
Anonymous (1) (@) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

I can understand that. My anxiety has emerged at one of the best points in my life and its horrible to have it drag you down!! From what you’ve said it sounds like you would be truly enjoying your life if it wasn’t for these thoughts. Here are a few quotes that help me with worrying:

“When you worry, you make it double” Basically, when you worry about something the worrying can make everything so much worse than it actually is.
Also, there is another quote (I don’t know the exact thing) but it is something along the lines of “Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.” Just remember, your thoughts are thoughts and sometimes you have to censor which of these thoughts will affect your actions.

As for your girlfriend, it sounds like you have an excellent relationship with her. But it seems that your mind is taking an almost “too good to be true” path. You love her so much that it scares you that you will hurt her. Here’s another quote to keep in mind:
“The struggle is nothing but love.” It truly sounds like you love her. A lot. I’m sure part of what you are going through involves being separate from her.

Just remember, breathe and don’t let your thoughts outsmart common sense!

Dan Adams (501)C (@athleticcapital) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

L-Theanine.. It helps tremendously with curing nervous energy and anxiety. It is an amino acid found in green tea, however, can be taken in extract form using the product suntheanine which is found at the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC.

I have used this a lot and it has allowed me to increase productivity and get over bouts of anxiety!

paul_g (21) (@paulg) 6 years, 11 months ago ago

psychotherapy, and looking at the causes, and your inner workings

Pancake (0) (@pancake) 4 years, 11 months ago ago

I have social anxiety and just recently I realized that vaping chamomile knocks it out pretty damn well. And my anxiety level is high, like not being able to be comfortable around new people at all and even people that I know

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