Barcelona vs Juventus

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 Champions League

Barcelona vs Juventus

Last year’s Champions League quarterfinals featured a serious shock as Juventus cruised to a straightforward dominating persuade Barcelona. That result publicized a slide in kind for the Spanish giants — and to a point in stature likewise — and they’re progressing to be desperate to get some live of revenge against Juventus during this year’s Champions League cluster stage.

But Juventus aren’t progressing to go down quietly, albeit they need to travel the Camp Nou at a time once their own kind doesn’t look to be in it’s most solid state. Juventus have started their Serie A campaign with 3 straight wins, however they haven’t quite convinced nevertheless or appeared like they’re firing on all cylinders despite grading ten goals in those games and permitting simply 2.

Barcelona, meanwhile, have scored ninefold while not concession in 3 La Liga games this season, tho’ they are doing have the most important black mark of their pitiful Spanish Super Cup performance against Real Spanish capital hanging over their heads. They’re undoubtedly roughly the powerhouse that they were when Neymar’s high-profile departure and lack of real replacement, which will definitely impact the standard of this match.

September 12, 2017 at 1:19 pm
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