Can we start a revolution?

 Bobby (@bobbylloydxd) 7 years ago

Is there any way that we can bring light the injustices in our society and have them changed? Could we end proletarianism? Could we eradicate the system of perpetual debt? Could we force out the two party system? Could people be convinced that feeding the hungry is more important than wearing brand name clothes? That Mexicans are as important as Americans. That we should not be attacking people that sell drugs but instead attacking the system that makes people want to do drugs. That our neighbors aren’t dangerous, stupid, or malicious.

Could we spread pamphlets and posters that would grab peoples attention and help them to see that the way the world is going isn’t right? Would any of you be willing to help me?

I am not the best written individual I know, and I am limited by my proximity. But if we were to team up, and each use our skills and our locations to our advantages we could perhaps spread consciousness and start a revolution.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how we could potentially get this ball rolling.

June 15, 2011 at 9:54 pm
destroyer (1) (@destroyr) 7 years ago ago

Personally, I am rather pessimistic about the masses as a whole. Perhaps because the public I have currently encountered isn’t the kind that favors enjoying education or being progressive in individual ways. I think that a revolution can be started best with the youngest of the current population, before they form habits and boxes to view this world out of. My old idea for this was turning children onto vividly and intelligently illustrated children’s books and away from the television (as well as away from modern cartoons, but that’s another topic/ offtopic). I was thinking that letting the books become mind-liberating zines with the right and psychologically healthy concepts for kids to grasp could give them the strength and clarity to think and see for themselves in years to come.
But, back to subject; I see a lot of good zines happening around the internet, I think that all these people need to unite and support each other. I like your idea!

Jordan Lejuwaan (23,417)A (@jordan) 7 years ago ago

This question has been rolling around in my head for around a year now and I still haven’t come up with an ultimate solution. But if it was easy, it would already have been done :)

One idea is to start a community similar to HE, but centered completely around changing the world in a specific way. HE is about too many topics which might not appeal to people who would otherwise love to join the cause.

Another idea is an underground/anonymous graffiti campaign using one stencil published online for anyone to download. The design would have to be something iconic like the ‘Obey’ guy, and would also need to easily communicate the goal of the movement.

Lastly, protest. I’m not so sure about the best way to go about this one, but it seems to have worked well in Spain and Egypt! Are Americans too apathetic and lazy to do what has been done in other countries? I guess there’s only one way to find out. Getting the message to be shared on the Daily Show and Colbert would be a great start.

Bobby (190) (@bobbylloydxd) 7 years ago ago

With every person I have ever gotten involved in intellectual discussion with, it has come up that there is no hope for our current society. That people are to dumb, and to distracted to care about anything important. I completely disagree. I think that every single person is an intellectual and full of potential. The only thing that I see missing is self confidence. People lack the confidence todo something that they dont see others doing and this causes them to not exercise their own unique ambitions and ideas. We need to have a little faith in our fellow man if we want anything to be changed. Negativity is only going to produce negatives.
Intellectuals that know what is right and are ready to speak the truth need to stand up all over the world and start leading. It starts with confrontation and education. Imagine if Each member of this website organized a protest. it would be a world wide phenomena.

Jordan Lejuwaan (23,417)A (@jordan) 7 years ago ago

@bobby, same here — every intellectual discussion ends in talking about society and how to change it. The masses are not going to be the ones that start the revolution, but they will be the ones to give the size and power necessary for it to succeed. Just because someone doesn’t think for themselves does not mean they can’t be an invaluable part of something bigger than themselves.

Anonymous (3) (@) 7 years ago ago

this is what i have experienced…you can not change the world…you can only change yourself…and you can help others to change…if; and only if, they want to change…the masses do not want to change…it would require them to accept responsibility for themselves…and for most people over 30 the word change is not in their dictionary …

for the true seeker…he/she finds a way to learn…or… some one to teach them…this site from my point of view…is for the true seeker…this is a place to learn; if, the person wants to learn…the light is here…so are the ones who attempt to put it out…let each person make their choice to learn…let each person decide for themselves what is right for them…free will in action…let the light shine…and it can shine in you; if, you seek it out :D

David (0) (@davidshorty92) 7 years ago ago

@robert, the idea that we can only change ourselves, makes me feel sad. I am new to this website, and have yet to implement many of these fantastic ideas into my life, but I’ve learnt that there are issues with how our planet is running, and waiting for others wanting change just doesn’t sit right. The general population isn’t aware that these problems exist, and won’t be aware unless the problems are brought to light!

I don’t know if it is just me, but I would think that everyone would feel blissful knowing that they are working towards changing the world for the better

Brittney Novelly (16) (@novdog) 7 years ago ago

Bobby thank you for starting this discussion! I recently have been thinking along the same lines… Here’s an idea that came to me: The “WAKE UP” Campaign.

Phase I- We would start with the underground art thing similar to Jordan’s suggestion. I was thinking about creating a WAKE UP stencil and spray painting it every possible place that I could. I got discouraged with the thought of how I could only physically reach a limited amount of places with the message. Putting the stencil online for HEthens to print out is such a good idea!! This is something that we could get started immediately. If everyone participated in it, the words WAKE UP would be EVERYWHERE and people will start wondering why… it could even become a mysterious “topic of interest” in mainstream media, which would spread the message even further.

Phase II- We create a website… The details of the site would have to be worked out, but it would clue people in on waking up to a higher frequency of living. It would also start out as somewhat mysterious and anonymous… in order to provoke a high level of interest in all kinds of people. It would gradually reveal what we are trying to accomplish. I have some cool ideas for it that i cant fully explain here. We would create another stencil in the same style as the first, but it would say This one would be spray painted all over the place as well. This would provoke people to seek answers to the mysterious phrase “wake up” that they have been seeing everywhere and they would go to the site. And the site would gradually ease them into answers.

Phase III- The site allows us to find a group of people who understand what we’re trying to do on the site. We organize something. And we do it. (I’m thinking more along the lines of non-violent unity revolution, as opposed to the more traditional, violent ideas of revolution)

This conversation and these ideas are VERY exciting. Any one else think this is as doable as I do? Other ideas for a strong catch phrase? Other ideas in general? I’m bouncing off the walls with positive energy right now ;)


EDIT: woops didn't mean for the website to be a hyperlink. but it links to looks like that domain might be available? :)

Jordan Lejuwaan (23,417)A (@jordan) 7 years ago ago

@robert, that rule applies to trying to change someone’s personality, values, etc. but that does not mean we can’t get apathetic people to rise up. If enough people join the movement and it’s accepted as being ‘cool’ then even the most apathetic person would go out into the streets and shout.

@brittney, I LOVE your 3 step plan. Wake Up would be a perfect phrase to incapsulate the entire idea of the movement. The mysterious/anonymous part is brilliant too. It would definitely have to be a faceless organization — “the voice of many” would be a good way to describe it. Unfortunately the GoDaddy page means that someone owns the domain and is letting it be parked by GoDaddy, which probably means they want a couple thousand dollars for the domain.

I like where this discussion is going :)

Bobby (190) (@bobbylloydxd) 7 years ago ago

I’m fine with wake up.
Jordan I hope we can talk you into helping us out, you have done a great job with this website and I feel like you would be a really great person to have in the movement. I believe that yes they may be people are afraid of change but in the sole of people they know that what is going on is wrong and needs to be changed. If they see other people trying to bring a change maybe some will join the movement. Revolutions dont happen without somebody starting them.

I don’t think we need any naysayers that dont believe that a few people can accomplish something great. What we need is people that are ready to help and try to actually change things instead of just talking about how they aren’t as good as they could be.

I’m excited. I’m on board 100 percent

mitch (18) (@mitch) 7 years ago ago

I totally agree! Loving the suggestions so far..
A couple of weeks ago during the throne speech from our new government, a girl stood up in the middle of the Senate with a ‘Stop Harper’ stop sign. He’s possibly the worst leader that can happen to our country. I think her act of civil disobedience was just awesome! Seems a lot of people, the media at least, was outraged at her ‘disrespect’ – but the guy really is a danger, for one; she also did it silently, with poise, and in a manner that grabs attention. Using a general protest platform is not nearly as effective, cause that’s the point of the entire scene, to protest for change. Well, we have to shove it in people’s faces cause otherwise the general population will not seek that out. If it’s made so that you can’t miss it, it can get somewhere.
The girl who did the stop sign:

Bobby (190) (@bobbylloydxd) 7 years ago ago

The system is a mess at best. The media is crooked, politicians are corrupt, are current system of debt isn’t so much different from share cropping. There are unjust wars and slavery all over the planet.

How much worse could it get? Why would you be any less trusting of someone trying to change the system than the system that is already established?

mitch (18) (@mitch) 7 years ago ago

I see what you mean Skip. Focus on change should definitely be local. That’s where life happens. But there needs to be a large scale, widespread movement with the same general messages. Communities can figure out how things best work for them, but if we can all be guided by good general principles, then at least there’s a common direction and a huge net of support.

Alex Eastman (70) (@alex) 7 years ago ago

Not yet the time bobby. I’d love it, but the spark isn’t there yet…yet.

Bobby (190) (@bobbylloydxd) 7 years ago ago

Alex: Why?

Skip: There isn’t anything to argue with you about here. Seeking Internal peace and finding truth in your own life is just as if not more important than whats going on in the world around you.

At the same time I cannot ignore the miseducation, abuse, slavery etc.. that is going on all over the world. I think that even if a revolution is unrealistic, reaching people and raising consciousness at any scale will help everyone out. If we all tried we could really reach a lot of people.

I also dont see the point in any of you getting on here and trying to tell people that are trying to make something happen that it is useless, or that it wont work. You should hold all of your negativity, its not a good thing to spread. Speak positively, act positively, eventually you will find nothing but positive inside of yourself and it will be impossible to spread anything else.


“Can we start a revolution?”

Realistically, probably not.

Jordan Lejuwaan (23,417)A (@jordan) 7 years ago ago

@alex, I’ve never seen you lacking faith before now. I second Bobby’s why?

I completely disagree with @skip and @General Tits. None of the great things that have ever happened have been realistic. That’s what makes them great!!! If revolution was easy, we would have done it already.

@bobby, check your inbox.

Jordan Lejuwaan (23,417)A (@jordan) 7 years ago ago

Revolution is the epitome of HighExistence. It is rising above the norm, saying FUCK YOU to doubt and gunning for the ‘impossible’.

The internet has given us the power of spreading information fast and anonymously, the power to come together in a way never before possible. Plus have you guys not heard about Spain??? Or all of Europe protesting en masse?? This is being done elsewhere, and done well. Google ‘Spain protest revolution’ and then tell me this is unrealistic.

Aleksander R. M. (0) (@aleksander) 7 years ago ago

This seems VERY interesting and i would very much like to join you in this!

Alec (12) (@alec7) 7 years ago ago

Its hard to have a revolution, just for the sake of revolution; There has to be some specific basis.

Maybe as a community, HE could vote, or somehow decide on something SPECIFIC we want changed in the world. Then brainstorm ways to spread the idea that involves realistic methods of change.

War is one, but that has proven time and time again to work against the idea it is promoting. Forcing your ideas on someone else is ineffective.

Civil disobedience is powerful, as demonstrated by MLK, but it requires mass participation to be fully recognized.

I guess the goal should be taking a specific issue, spreading it to the masses, and demonstrating why the issue is a valid reason for change.

Brittney Novelly (16) (@novdog) 7 years ago ago

@ Alex… the sparks not gonna come unless we strike the match. The time is now. We may as well start. You would be surprised at how many other people have already!

@ Skip… You are absolutely correct in that the revolution must be internal. We’re not talking riots and violence. We have to help people awaken to the life and infinite potential inside of them. Imagine how much easier it would be to awaken to these ideas if everyone around you was aware of them and working towards a higher state of life. Agreed in that we should definitely think more along the lines of Gandhi than Che.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

@jordan, Bobby, & others in agreement… you are very encouraging. If you support it I’ll design a stencil by next week. On second thought I’m gonna do it with or without support ;)

Exist (12) (@exist) 7 years ago ago

I don’t think rioting, trying to force people into free thought, or property damage (graffiti) would be an advocated solution, but I have a spark that might be fairly agreeable.

I think the first steps would be a physical location of note, for self realised pilgrims to quest, this could take the form of some sort of refuge temple high in the Himalayas i.e.

or more accessibly, a basement coffee shop in New York, tucked away on a side-street and off the map, with a huge back-cellar hidden behind a cutaway wine barrel door or bookcase, with a large discussion room (flame lit) for discussion of note, an absolutely huge library twisting away into the depths of the vast ceiling, several antechambers and side rooms for meditation use, study, or smaller discussions.

Essentially, members, ‘in the know’ would make it their effort to spread the word to those in a similar ‘knowledge seeking’ state and it is here that matters of importance would be discussed but with much more grounding and flow than could ever occur on a non-physical forum.

Just think, we’d essentially carry out very deep and meaningful discussion on topics continually amidst consumption of fine food and drinks, I bet we’d combined, blast through several hundred streams of thought every few hours, all of which should be documented on parchment, to later be written into Hardback leather-bound books.

The reason for all this secrecy, flame-lit, hood-wearing, stone-cellar, leather-bound hood-winkling-ness? So that we gain sufficient prestige to the outside world, anyone looking in as an outlooker would see this as a very cool cause simply for the physical aspects of it, which in the end contribute to nothing internally, we are all equal and we are all objectively seeking knowledge.

What makes it cooler is that we are ever-open to new members, there are no limitations on our part imposed for joining, and the media attention we garner summons a large amount of interest, where we debunk any mystery or cult-accusation, basically stating we are free thinkers who like to talk, and then go on to throw out a load of self-published material in the form of Books and other Articles specifically designed to start people thinking.

These can make reference to, and include, religious and spiritual discussion, but cannot directly be related nor associated to, any one particular religion or belief stream, because to do so would be assuming the beliefs of one human being over another, and this is something I believe would contradict the cause as a whole.

The way I see it, all humans, in-the-know or not, are equal, it is very easy when you become enlightened or knowledgable to start thinking you are a savior-saint, and that everyone else is wrong and dumb compared to you, or should be shunned for not free-thinking or obeying your beliefs for whatever reason. I think it is possible to bring anyone around to a state of realisation, but it is a complex and long-time process, and does require a choice on behalf of the person to accept change.

The books would be engineered to close on a note of openness, almost with a ‘cliffhanger’ ending, that leaves the reader wanting and thirsting for more, and this would be the beginning of a new era of thought. I’m sure there’d be critics who would put it down to nothing more than ‘idle fiction’ but the number of readers who gain an actual positive effect or epiphany through the readings would snowball into a large scale mass exodus.

Anonymous (3) (@) 7 years ago ago

@jordan…i agree with you; to a point…yes; you can start something like brittney’s idea of “wake up”…and you could have people join this action…but; as soon as the excitement wears off…the masses will leave …i lived through the sixties…the concepts of changing the world went up in smoke (haha) and you were left with many fractions via for there own piece of the action…it all crumbled…no peace but we did get out of viet nam…we lost…

to me the only true change can come when an individual chooses to change themselves…i realize it is a long and slow struggle…and; if, we only have 18 months ahead of us…not doable …but; if one person makes the decision to change for the better he/she can assists another who wants to change…

now the real downside to this…all have to change to the same idea …otherwise; the change will not be a united change but a free for all :D…which brings us back to where we are now :D

change is taking place …more and more people are seeking inner knowledge…your site proves this out…more than 2000 new subscribers since i have been here…my suggestion be patient …let your site be the beacon for the true seeker…you are making a difference…and 3600 people + seem to agree with me :D (hang in there jordan; you are doing just fine)

Martijn Schirp (112,761)A (@martijn) 7 years ago ago

I have thought alot about this and here are some things I believe you always have to keep in mind:

Don’t underestimate what you are doing already, if you are ‘consciously living, breathing and acting’ you are already doing a huge favor for the world.

If you ‘force’ a resitance, you are going to be met with resistance.

Stuff like this has to grow organicly. With this I mean that you have to start small, and work from there. Don’t create a big future idea to work to, this will never happen. See the evolution of the world as a process and the ‘revolution’ a way to bend that process into the right direction.

There are many, many movements out there, they have all something usefull to bring in, it seems necessary to me to connect the young spiritual seekers with the zeitgeist movement with anonymous with a youth wikileaks etc etc. Get my drift? The reason why our system is so effective against change is because it brilliantly uses ‘divide and conquer’ in the name of individuality. *mumbles something like ‘give them bread and games’ …

We need powerfull speekers that can create sparks that resonate with a whole generation, we need musicians to touch the hearts, we need the examples to inspire. Everyone has a role and try to pick yours.

Btw. Someone design a HE manifesto that we can spam around the interwebworld.

Jordan Lejuwaan (23,417)A (@jordan) 7 years ago ago

I think this conversation has been skewed and is now reading like we’re talking about a spiritual revolution here. If that was the case, then yes the idea that change must come from within would apply. But instead we’re talking about start a mass movement against the increasingly tyrannical government which now dwarfs anything the government was doing in the 60’s.

@robert, I really appreciate your kind words but I have to respectfully disagree. Unlike the 60’s, we now have the internet which see as being the ultimate enabler for a revolution like this. Getting 3,000 people together in the 60’s was probably a big thing, but now it can happen in minutes via Facebook and the like.

Brittney’s quote about a small group of committed people changing the world is the whole point here. It does not matter how apathetic or lazy the masses seem right now; when they see the strong putting up a good fight, apathy will be the furthest thing from their minds.

Once again, look at what just happened in Spain. I don’t get how anyone could nay-say this after how successful their nation-wide protests were.

@brittney, yes! I want to see your design. I’ll do one too just for fun and we’ll compare to see if we can create the ultimate stencil.

April (7) (@sushisam) 7 years ago ago

@bobby while I was reading this all that video actually pointed into my mind

I think this is a great idea and the origins for any great movement was someones idea, someones will to change things and then the courage to take action about it.

I too have been thinking about this, though I wasn’t sure where to start and I think alot of people are the same way, most people love to follow, yet they need a leader figure to take the first action, someone (or some group) with courage to do something different

@alec yes we need to specific movement or central organized cause in which to aim our efforts or it will turn into an unproductive blob of confusion. What is our goal? We would then need to research and lay out a very specific game plan of our efforts, most great movements were extremely organized.

About the subject of the cause I think an HE vote could work, wouldn’t no how to organize that though…
For a subject…possibly the spread against hate and anger, trying to make the world see we are all connected and not so different from each other, maybe the spread of a more peaceful way of living and changing the way people (especially in the u.s.) look extremely pessimistically at there lives and not truly appreciate what they have, appreciate their healthy family, there great job, or wonderful friends, to notice the little things that make life amazing. Empowering people that THEY could take action if they wanted, they dont have to wait for someone to start something, the only thing that is stopping them is the fear in themselves.

@robert, I completely agree with the whole excitement at the beginning kind of aspect, it happens all the time, people get excited about it at first and try to get things done and help out, then they realize that planning stuff out and actually taking action on the plan involves hard work, and people don’t like hard work, thus they kinda try to ignore the problem or completely forget about it. The people who actually make things happen have to have EXTREME dedication and unwavering confidence that the idea WILL work, they have to be committed the whole way through, even when the situation seems tough and hopeless, these are the kinda people who we need to start this type of movement.

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