Cannabis and Shamanism

 Kyle (@krim98) 6 years, 2 months ago

I have been working with visionary plants for the past three years, and learned a great deal from my experiences. I tend to react a little differently than most, needing slightly more of anything to feel effects, everything from mushrooms to aspirin. Even after that, I always maintain a great deal of control on psychedelics, always able to function and assess the situation.

Cannabis, the fourth substance I ever tried, was different for me. Control was still fine, but I always got near-psychedelic states from her, seeing visual patterning with eyes closed or open. Eventually a trek into shamanism brought me to try communicating with the plant itself. I ‘asked’ it to be my ally and partner, and I felt her acceptance and a rush of energy up my legs and spine. Ever since, I get more powerful visionary effects, with the best control over myself in that state. With the help of Cannabis, I can perform energy work of various kinds more effectively, utilizing my increased imagination to construct things, and I see a significant increase in my ability to channel healing energy. I feel that I can use my connection with the plant to bridge the gap between other people, and I have done healing, at a distance with her help. I feel her as being mothering, loving, and willing to care for you, even put up with your most foolish, reckless, low-life behavior, and not ever punish or judge you, just comfort you and be there for you. My greatest gifts from her seem to be enhancement of personal energy, alleviating pain (when helping me heal another person, aside from its obvious effects on the smoker in that regard), and fixing and protecting against the damage caused by stress or the mistreatment of your mind and body.

It is worth noting a Shamanic perspective on plants: Any once plant is a representation of the whole. It is believed that, lets say cannabis for example obviously, that if you smoke cannabis, or ingest or work with it in any way, you are not simply engaging a single plant. You are in effect engaging EVERY cannabis plant that is, was, or ever will be. You are communicating and working with a Spirit that manifests itself as many many different cannabis plants, each serving as a bridge between the spirit and you.

So thats my experience with this often taken for granted healing herb. I’d like to hear others thoughts and ideas, or even better, experiences.

March 6, 2012 at 2:41 am
David (325) (@zeitro) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

very interesting, but one question:
how exactly did you get to communicate with “her”?

also, mhh i’ve tried different types of cannabis, and smoked through various mediums (jay, pipe, bong, etc etc) and to me they are all different! (the effect) but i see what you mean about them all being connected, maybe i could feel it at a deeper level, but not directly

Kyle (20) (@krim98) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

I actually took a similar route as the one Terence McKenna suggested for a mushroom experience: ingest a very large amount, alone, in a dark room with no distractions, just you, and the plant. Then i sat back, cleared my mind, and breathed for a bit, then mentally asked her. The response was more of a feeling and an understanding than actual words.

Yes they are all different, you can even make an oil to apply to the skin that is active. using a recipe from the Bible, no less haha. I honestly cannot say the difference spirituality wise between methods, I would say its more about personal differentiation but I haven’t delved into that. For me, I prefer a pipe, it has always been that way for me, and my pipe is part of my work as well. In a way it acts another bridge between the plant and me, and having a concrete object rather than a spliff or edible makes it easier to focus on when I have an agenda other than personal enjoyment.

Jason (111) (@thinknowlivenow) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

@kyle; this thread is incredible : ) Have you ever eaten/ingested cannabis before? How much are you smoking to invoke this level of communication? I am an avid Terence McKenna fan myself.

Kyle (20) (@krim98) 6 years, 2 months ago ago

@jason sorry this took me so long to respond dude, been busy lately. Yes I have, though not as much as I’d like to to get the feel of that experience. I just smoked until it was difficult to load more up, and figured that would suffice. Ever since then it doesn’t seem to matter how much, I can always achieve communication if I ask for it.

Russ Wells (15) (@tamedlion) 5 years, 7 months ago ago

@krim98, cannabis and I are friends as well.

Kyle (20) (@krim98) 4 years, 11 months ago ago

@tamedlion, that is good to hear friend. also sorry for my very very prolonged absence.

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