Concious evolution happening

 kirkwilly (@kirkwilly) 5 years, 5 months ago

Hey guys! First post in an extremely long time. I’ve been apart of this site off and on for nearly 2 years now, and I’ve noticed a few people here and there that share a mutual belief…the belief that we will evolve to engage with more parts of our brain for greater thought. Weither it be accessing dream realms for spiritual purposes or just seeing the world from a new set of eyes.

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Here in Canada our dominate paraliment leaders are the conservatives, national lead by Stephen Harper. He’s looking to introduce a bill called c-45 which would strip us aboriginals of our identities, robbing us of our right to natural resources to provide for families all in an attempt to kill off the culture.

Time to think of a simple step towards evolving concious, like this. The organizers Sylvia McAdam, Jess Gordon, Nina Wilson and Sheelah Mclean met over the internet and shared a call from spirits to start a movement to wake people up to what’s happening in this world. All in efforts to educate the people that we can work together to choose a goverment system that works in our favor and the favor of everyone, for the betterment. The government shouldn’t tell us what to do, they are there for us and people just do not grasp that idea. People seem to think the worlds the way it is, it must be the way it is…False information.

Whats extremely sad about this is this issue is kept out of the eye of the general public.

Could this be a start to a concious shift predicted by many for 2012? I think there’s much more to this all then we may like to come to a common agreement on, my personal life has been seeing changes for a long time now but as of recently have gone off the scales, I wonder if anything you can’t explain is happening with your inner self? I wonder what your thoughts are on this subject? Lets discuss and lets collectively learn!

December 11, 2012 at 6:37 am
Josh (213) (@reinvented2012) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@kirkwilly, discovering this site and much more has really shifted my consciousness and woken me up. I try and share some information with people any way possible. I am hoping something happens to make other people out there notice whats going on and makes them want to change as well. The awakening for me has to do with changing the way we interact with eachother and the planet, doing what is best for our natural bodies and for the long term. People are too selfish and egotistic to care about others and the world around them. We are too disconnected, and we have demonized cultures that have been more connected with nature and dismissed their rituals and such. There is hope for the future with the apparent shift in consciousness that is supposed to happen in 2012 according to some mayans belief. I hope it happens, and I hope the world wakes up before shit really hits the fan.

Twinsoul (8) (@twinsoul) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@kirkwilly, Hey man. I´m not that into the Canadian politics part of it all (im from Norway), but i am intrigued by your post and the questions you pose :)

There is no doubt in my mind that there is a shift happening in these times. I personally have physical symptoms of it where the right side of my brain feels like its twisting up, then releasing tension. Its hard to explain but it is, to me, a process of re-igniting the right hemisphere of the brain and refocusing my attention. Its analogous to taking off the previously used shaded glasses and replacing them with a pair with clearer glass.
Do you also have any physical symptoms like this?

kirkwilly (35) (@kirkwilly) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

I love you guys figureatively and actually…wanna go start a revolution? It’ll be a date;)

But yes I seen words you guys use that constantly float in my brain aswell. I’ve been hearing that we are connected to the earth and with all these 2012 weather anamolies it all makes sense the further into the rabbit hole I go.

I do oddly enough kind of get where your coming from, nearly like exercise parts of my brain and I relate the feeling to sore muscles, but a bit different. I joke with my friends and say I’m growing an expansion chamber, humans use 14% of their brains I’m using 14.5% of mine hahaha

MikeE (2) (@chogieboy) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

Hmm, consciousness isn’t shifting, it has shifted. The presence of a new consciousness is palatable, ever present and complete. What we are missing is self actualization and techniques that allow us to embrace it. Any student of Maslow knows that the precipice of human development requires that humanity reaches a point in which we clearly realize our personal potential without the need for a herd. This is not to say we become selfish, we just don’t need an external justification of our existence. We internalize our worth and we should watch with wonder as others find their worth and value, separate from humanity. To be a true individual, we first reject the notion that we need other people to define us, we define ourselves. Physically, we adhere to social conventions and customs because is creates an environment for self-actualization to occur, but spiritually we evolve into something else. Ascension if you want, but it’s the realization of individuality and discovery of our life’s work and purpose that define us. We are not human doings. What we create isn’t who we are. Who we are is who we are.
While is truely is a shame that (we) treat people as cattle and commodities, and the battles we choose to engage in are nobel and just, we mustn’t allow our causes to define us.

kirkwilly (35) (@kirkwilly) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

Read that smiling brother friend! I couldn’t have written something more truer if I wrote it myself! You should through some thought on the thread “who are you and do you actually exist?” I shared what I learned on that site, it’s a definite ball park, our minds. I could relate for ever but I know you know, I know I know. I think its time a few others learn and know:)

Martin5 (2) (@skylimey) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

Good words all…

I too feel similar brain pressures, and feel it’s a spiritual growth indication. My wife and I are helping with people’s self awareness though by gifting people the awakening of their sixth sense or superpower (stay with me please, this isn’t as hokey as it sounds).

Each of us has 9 energy centers, (7 aligned with the Chakras) one of which is active from birth, the others can be learned to be activated. Every Friday night we host free workshops here in Marin, North of San Francisco, and also at various Burning Man Regional events around California.

If this resonates, check out

Choose Love

kirkwilly (35) (@kirkwilly) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

This seems to happen every time I start a post, if my memory serves me correct: My points get lost and the message its self looses solid structure and the meaning falls apart. I come here to show a truth thats trying to be hidden.

Canadas leaders are trying to kill off my peoples, and their trying to do so secretly…?!!! How do people not wake up and rebel for the purpose alone?! Realize the government don’t give 2 diddly pickles about us, so why serve them this way? Actually why does the government even want our land rights? To ruin it. Why do they even still make cigarettes? They cause harm. Why make production cars that exceed the speed limit? Thats dangerous. Or even outlaw natural plants? They find loop holes everywheres and we as people mindlessly follow, but the mass of people don’t understand what they are doing. They operate secretly and give an iullsion, we follow the iullsion and get lead to know wheres. to quote Henry Ford- “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”

Learn, reset all you know of government and find a leader with good in their heart.

POINT: This Bill has sparked a movement called IDLE NO MORE, and its just that a movement. People can’t take this lightly need to make a full concious effort. If not I’ll be forced to date steve harpers daughter and treat her poorly.

I appologize for a ramble, but it helped me out, I feel a bit better hahaha

@skylimey, I do know a tiny bit about chakras and the aliginment and activation of them but not enough to carry a conversation, but please not here.

I will actually tell you all I know of them, I actually do have a quartz crystal above my bed I was told it helps to alyour mind to your heart or somehting along those lines? I don’t know, it’s not really something that I find facinating, but I don’t think your crazy:) hahaha

highideals (7) (@highideals) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@kirkwilly, In the discussion with Eckhart Tolle and Ken robins they discussed this “awakening”. Tolle was talking about how the only real hope for us as a civilization is to wake up and start practicing empathy. Further more they talk about the brainwashing through media. I guess where im going with this is I FEEL YOU MAN. I live in the US and our government is by far one of the most deceiving and out right imperialistic in the world.

We read about bills like SOPA, NDAA and HR 347 which have all together taken away our rights as citizens but no one sees it. Everyone listens to the BS the media spits out and thinks that it is actual knowledge. However, some of us are becoming “enlightened”, tolle estimated that about 20% of the population has experienced this awakening and it is just a matter of how fast we can get the majority of the population to experience it. If we dont do it fast enough the human race as a whole is going to continue on this reoccurring path of self destruction.

Finding a leader with a good heart seems near impossible here in the US. We are getting closer to realizing how fucked the two party dominated system is and slowly i think we might begin to see it collapse? I am unfamiliar with canadian government but at least here in the US, greed drives everything so stopping these legislations that have this much money behind them is extremely hard. We need to eliminate private interest and start to look at the big picture. We need government transparency.

Unsure if this helped at all. Im pretty high, and i just finished finals so im going to go slack lining. Lemme know what you think.

kirkwilly (35) (@kirkwilly) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

It’s@highideals, just nice and oddly rewarding to know someone else is riding same brain waves as I! I would have normally said something along the lines of “man you gotta get out of the US that place is toxic for a soul blahblabhlalbh come to Canada” Now I don’t even know cause Canada isn’t as great as people think anymore, there be needs for healing I tell yah. But this could be an incredible oppertunity to show others our true power over government and set a prime example, but it doesn’t really feel like it’s big news on this site as it should. Truthfully I figured this was going to be a spark that ignited peoples minds to force them see with eyes wide open.
I myself don’t believe my people will let it happen so I’m not scared, I just let things unfold as they were intended.I myself Am going to go surivive in this world….with bit herb and a movie. Take care my friend

kirkwilly (35) (@kirkwilly) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

I’m saddened no one sees this issue with the same eyes as I do, I thought for sure this was the right site to share this on


“we will evolve to engage with more parts of our brain for greater thought”

Individuals don’t evolve, we are not pokemon. We already use just about all of our brain. Perhaps you mean use it more efficiently? Sorry to shit on the parade, but we need a more scientifically literate society.

Phil (83) (@urbanuncia) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@kirkwilly, Although tens of millions of people have watched disclosure videos about corrupt government, flawed economic & monetary systems, and listened to endless debating on the subject of change, it’s all just conjecture. The majority won’t act until they /see/ with their own eyes the destruction and chaos that these systems have wrought.

Those who have seen (most of them at least) have been moved to make a difference, and that’s what really matters. The more aware we make ourselves, the easier this whole thing is going to be.

Choose to stick your head into the ground, or choose to look up and see the sun shining. Your choice!

kirkwilly (35) (@kirkwilly) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@generaltitsvonchodehoffen, Tits I like yah, you said some real shit in the day. Buy today I couldn’t disagree anymore. It is difficult to explain it all in a perfect to understand paragraph, I’m struggling to make sense of it in my own head.

But think like this for a second, I’ve gathered that we only use 14% of our brain as an average at best. Back in early stages of evolution The more primitive we were the less brain activity we had, enableing us to feel no pain and do what must be done to survive and even eat roots and thugs of disgust. Then we evolved to think in advance, making tools weapons and even storing water along migration routes, and more. The next stage in life is the fairly recent change up to something like 10,000 years ago we developed imagination that we channeled in to beliefs of god as we sat around a fire at night wondering of life.

Now when we dream we interact with new areas of the brain as well with the use of some drugs. Our dreams are not well understood a 1/3 of our life is unconscious dream state, it would be a cool breakthrough if evolution clicks in and we can incorporate dreams to decode great mysteries, just a thought hahaha g’mornin tits yah asshole


@kirkwilly, Dude your whole theory is based on the false premise that we use a small percentage of our brain. We use almost all of our brain. Also, evolution doesn’t just “click in,” it takes time.

kirkwilly (35) (@kirkwilly) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@generaltitsvonchodehoffen, WE DO USE SMALL AMOUNTS OF OUR BRAIN! Einstein used something like 20%! and evolution can happen, as quick as a thought! We use to just leave our dead family member where they collapsed then one day out of nowhere, decided to bury them. Even elephants have evolved to recognize death and have a ritual for it.

I just have a feeling you and I won’t see eye to eye on this

Joshua Lloyd (12) (@briggs22) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@kirkwilly, The great thing about the internet is you can educate yourself properly if you cut through the bullshit.

Now, to hear someone on HighExistence STILL believing in this myth that humans only use between 10-20% of their brain is just absurd. The internet is fucking MASSIVE and you STILL argue with people who are correct in saying that we don’t.

For someone who is wanting to have a discussion, at least get basic facts right and entertain your own opinions with doubt.

It just pisses me off when I read ‘We’ll agree to disagree’ when you’re just wrong. No subjectivity of opinions, you’re just wrong; hence the rant.

Anyway, as you were.

kirkwilly (35) (@kirkwilly) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@briggs22, I’m sorry to come off looking like a naive punk, I jet don’t believe EVERYTHING I’m told as fact. If we use a virtual 100% of the brain how come we’re all still a civilization of fucking idiots? I also remember hearing we differ from apes in DNA by under 2%, from that 2% we have a completely different result from a nearly same brain?

I know I may come off as stupid, But I’m just trying to start up a conversation, not a debate. This a belief I feel is true deep in me and you obviously don’t share my belief but don’t put mine down please and thank you. If I find out I’m wrong or at least your right I’d gladly apologize but you have to see the possibilities are endless and we know nothing as peoples

Joshua Lloyd (12) (@briggs22) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@kirkwilly, Hey, no, you do not come across as stupid. Far from it. You’re asking and pondering on some seriously exciting questions and answers.

Science and biology is seriously not my specialist subject. The only thing I’d suggest is waiting for other people to reply who know what they’re talking about or do some of your own research on the internet (careful)!

And in response to your first post, over the last week I have been feeling really, really incredible. I’ve taken notice to the small things in life and when I wake up, I feel more alive and ‘ready.’ Whether or not that’s a sign of the conscious evolution, I don’t know.

Best of luck in your quest anyhow!

kirkwilly (35) (@kirkwilly) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@briggs22, Thanks for tonig it all down and accepting my difference brother.

This isn’t even the path I hoped for this thread to take off in, I hoped to trigger and awareness and let others know of our Indian acts getting violated in Canada, heart breaking.

I do like your advice of waiting for someone who knows what the tuck their talking about to come and share thoughts, but I don’t see that happening. Or maybe their even crazier then I.

Ill wish you some luck on your quest aswell man, don’t hurt to have a bit of luck


@briggs22, Thank you!

@kirkwilly, “The only thing I’d suggest is waiting for other people to reply who know what they’re talking about” -Joshua Lloyd

^That person would be me! I’m telling you there have been plenty of reputable experiments demonstrating activity in the whole brain. There are literally maps of what each part of the brain does. Take a neuroscience class, you will understand so much more about the world.
As far as evolution goes, if we are talking about true biological evolution, it does not happen “as quick as a thought.” It takes at the very LEAST generations. Again from someone whose specialty is science and biology.

Emily (2) (@focsle) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

What’s this bill you are talking about? I can’t say I’ve ever heard of it. But then again I don’t pay too much attention to politics. Aren’t Aboriginal rights protected in the constitution? What would this bill do?

kirkwilly (35) (@kirkwilly) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@focsle, This bill would mainly effect our waters. As it stands right now were have something along the lines of 2.3 million lakes and rivers protected by the Indian act and if they get it their way only 138 will stand safe or something riiidiculous along those lines. And for the natives who use their right to natural resources to provide for families, thats problems waiting to happen.

What’s really bad is the conservatives are gathering to determine the fate of abriginals…without any abriginals presence, they can’t do that and their doing that. It’s a complete culture assimilation still going on today under the nose of a dumbass society.

Recap- they want to get rid of our treaties So they don’t have to recognize us as Indians no more. No natives with no lands, no hunting rights no nothing is basically nothing to live for when I think of how some my family would suffer.

Just sad:( I know we won’t let it happen but really opens your eyes to how shitty government is

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