Dangerous at Both Ends and Crafty in the Middle…Horses

Profile photo of John OMallen John OMallen (@omallen) 5 years ago

I want to learn to ride a horse.
I do not own a horse.
I do not know where to go to ride a horse.
I do not know people who do ride horses.
I am terrified of riding a horse.
Where do I begin, as I very much would like to learn to ride one.

December 21, 2011 at 4:38 am
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1.61803399 (246) (@drunkmonkmeth) 5 years ago ago

googling “horse riding lessons (in your area) is half the battle.

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St Emilion (2,989) (@manimal) 5 years ago ago

Go to some undeveloped country
Find wild horse in woods
Tame that thing

No, just use google.

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kim (1) (@ominka) 5 years ago ago

hee hee. i am sorry danny, but i could not help myself as i laugh at your uncertainty. i find it endearing that you want to learn how to ride a horsey. haha how graceful! anyway, i bear no real advice on where to begin, so we will just stick with google for now. haha.

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