Decisions in shopping.

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I will expand this into a full on topic later on but Id like to get the seed planted.

When ever you buy anything at all please take into account where it comes from. That means every part. So you can imagine how complex it gets when you start talking about cell phones and lap tops and tvs and really any technology. I WILL expand on those later, as they are incredibly dangerous to the earth and ecosystems in many ways but for now Id like it to be knownthat you have to make decisions between polyester and cotton. You have to make a decision between vegetarian and meat. soybean oil or sunflower oil. Palm oil or vegetable. You get my drift.

As much as possible cut down your purchasing of plastic. At the present moment, every square meter of the surface of the ocean has particles of plastic in it. Almost all of this is from synthetic fibers such as polyester, aka when you wash your clothes, the particles drift out to the water treatment plant, and the plastic particles accumulate down stream. Fish will begin to die, as the amount of plastic increases, cutting into gills etc. But cotton is the most water intensive crop on the planet. I dont have the best answer, but be aware of these things.

Palm oil, in the present moment, mostly comes from old palm trees, not plantations, and is destroying the orangatangs habitat. Most oils are very agriculturally intensive, but you can make a choice, a healthy one. I dont know of the environmental impact but sunflower oil is one of the most healthy of the oils to use for cooking.

Ive never had to – but for a vehicle buy retreaded tires. Tires aren’t going to last for more than a few more decades. Which brings up travelling…

Decisions in travelling. The average aircraft uses 1 years worth of gas for an average family’s car(s) for one trip, granted one of the longer trips. So I dont know what to tell you, im in ecuador about 8000 miles from home so any sass from me would be quite the hippocracy.

I dont have all the answers, and as I requested before, don’t by named brand anything. Buy from artists, buy locally (like as in your city local – not 5 states away) support artists and creativity. And for gods sake, if you can make it yourself do so.

June 20, 2012 at 11:49 am
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